After darkness fall, door remains locked for strangers.  You have  something for me? leave it in front of the door and go away. If I decide to get it, it won’t be immediately and I will be packing.

And yes, cameras are still a great ally. I just installed the doorbell came in the new location and will be installing the rest next week to have a full 360 coverage.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Home Invasion via Delivery”
  1. Get a driveway alarm too. They are a valuable tool.
    Also learn times various delivery companys normal deliveries are. Wouldnt you know if you have a package coming??

  2. This reminds me… two projects I need to get back to work on, amid the disruptions:
    (1) Replace the current driveway alarm with a network of proximity alarms – the existing driveway alarm worked fine until someone within range got one too, revealing a fundamental design flaw in the system, beside which it’d be nice to cover the eastern approaches.
    (2) Build a couple of DIY doorbell cameras, because I won’t allow a Ring nor any of its competitors on the house network, and also I really don’t like the idea of a doorbell that doesn’t work without a subscription and a live connection to a mystery server somewhere.

    1. I’m getting increasingly intolerant of hardware I have to buy, and then pay a subscription to actually use. It’s bad enough with software only products.

      1. The wife has been bugging me about getting a camera for the front door – and this is exactly my opinion on the matter. Why can’t I just buy something that I can see and get recordings from? The number of subscriptions I am involved with now is ridiculous

      2. I use ZModo. I pay no subscription unless I want the cloud service to store video. I install, activate the camera and that’s it.
        If you want to record, they do have a wired system with a DVR but it aint cheap.
        I don’t want evidence, I want an early system.

  3. Just about every online vendor will happily email you when a package is en route or delivered.

    If you’re not expecting a package, your antennae should go up.

    1. True, but scammers also send you fake “package on the way” messages. So you have to match up those messages with things you actually ordered.
      What I do instead is to go to the vendor web site and get tracking information from there, either directly or by copy/paste of the tracking number into the shipping company tracking site. That way I’m working from known websites that I have chosen to trust.

  4. Scary.

    I have a driveway alert, which works most of the time. I have a Swann system, which I can access with my phone or tablet. And I carry, except when I’m in my bathrobe.

  5. I work at home, and a camera system makes my life a lot easier. I can see them long before they walk up. Matter of fact, a dude hit a pole outside my yard and I mostly caught it on the cameras.

    For night, I agree. I’m answering packing, and probably over the ring doorbell.

    Daytime? I got a Jethro.

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