The phrase that Chris Matthews is using from the Spanish Civil War is “¡No pasarán!”

It was most famously said by Dolores Ibárruri at the Battle of Madrid.

Ibárruri was a hero and founder of The Communist Party of Spain.

Of all the metaphors that Chris Matthews could use, he had to equate the Democrats to Marxist Communists.

At least he’s honest about where the Democrats stand.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Honest metaphor”
  1. “It’s going to be like Spanish Civil War stuff.”
    -Chris Matthews at about 2:00.

    Keep stirring the pot Chris. Keep pushing the narrative. Maybe someone in Portland or LA will take you to heart, and find a Jose Calvo Sotelo amongst the ICE or Border Patrol? Someone they can execute in the streets in front of their family?

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