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17 thoughts on “Honest question for Governor Brown”
  1. That woman is a pea brain;

    synonyms: idiot · halfwit · nincompoop · blockhead · buffoon · dunce · dolt · ignoramus · cretin · imbecile · dullard · moron · simpleton · clod · tomfool · noddy · clodpole · loggerhead · spoony · mooncalf

  2. Things are bad enough in Oregon’s cities now. Imagine if this stays in place indefinitely. Think of how utterly alien and bizarre a place it will be. The people there won’t be able to function in a normal society anymore. Human interaction will be stunted and perverted. Think the current progressive formula on steroids.

  3. A day or two ago, on Boston TV evening news, there was a report about new mask mandates in MA. So far just indoors, including in particular in schools.

    I didn’t get the full context but I distinctly heard a comment to the effect that mask mandates (for everyone regardless of vaccination status) were intended, among other things, to encourage vaccination. Um, WTFO?

    1. Pkoning,

      Collective Punishment. You damn cousin humping mental defectives didn’t get the jab, so now everyone has to wear a mask! It is ALL YOUR FAULT!

      Bow Down and Get the Jab! You will submit! Or I will make things Worse for Everybody!

      You made me do it!

      (If this sounds like any of your relationships? RUN AWAY!)

    2. Until everyone in the entire world is vaccinated (including all the bats, pangolins, cats, deer, etc.), everyone must wear a mask. This turns the vaccinated+masked into vaccine bullies.

      1. Oooo, does that me we have to mask pangolins? I call those, everyone else has to mask Komodo dragons. . .

  4. Ah, but she is lying to everyone. Masks have NOT been proven to be effective. Most studies of all respiratory viruses and the typical paper or cloth mask show NO benefit to masking. This is totally about PEOPLE CONTROL, not health.

  5. I’d push for a recall vote but with Shemia Fagan as Secretary of State the fix is in to kneecap it, on the bright side we have term limits so Brown is ineligible to run in 2022, although this precludes an electoral defeat rendering her politically toxic.

    1. There’s no procedure in the Oregon Constitution or statutes for recalling a sitting governor.

      We’re stuck with her until early 2023.

  6. This is the same person who recently rendered having a High School diploma null. Social promotions forward for five(?) years? Really?!?!

  7. Answer: Neither.

    It’s about dehumanizing your neighbor (you never get to see his/her face) and shaming the “unvaccinated” into getting the shot.

    Pair that with her mandate that all state employees (and associated contracted employees), all healthcare employees, and all school employees must be fully “vaccinated” (or apply for and be granted a medical or religious exemption) by mid-October — or face consequences including termination — and the mask comes off. (See what I did there?)

    I’ll entertain a discussion on outdoor masking mandates’ happy side-effect of helping Antifa by making it harder to identify individuals. However, such mandates are not now and have never been about supporting public health, either against viruses or domestic terrorists. They were always about public shaming and control.

    1. ERs ought be fun, once that “mandate” takes effect.

      Don’t let the echoing hurt you….more.

      If there is s nursing shortage presently, and there is, what do you suppose will be the state fo the shortage, come, say, 1 November?

      1. Along those same lines, Delta Airlines is supposedly going to surcharge unvaccinated employees $200 per month on their health insurance.

        Nice stunt. Will the unions let them get away with that? Will employees put up with that? Possible pilot shortage coming up soon…

        Also: it today they pull that with the unvaccinated, who will they do it to next? $10 for eacb BMI unit in the “overweight” range, $20 for each unit above that? $100 more if you’re a skiier? $200 more if you ride motorcycles, or do scuba diving? $300 surcharge for skydivers and pilots?

  8. Pfizer data:
    Deaths from vaccine: 3,079
    Hospitalized: 15,268
    Permanent disability: 3,900

    I’m not risking it.

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