In previous posts, I said that white supremacism and incel are a symptom, not a cause.

Hopeless, misery, and despair drive young men into a cult where they blame their problems on others – people of color, Jews, women, feminists, Alphas, etc. – until nothing is left on the inside but hate, at which point they become violent.

Lots of people on the Left like to point out that these types of mass shootings are (predominantly) perpetrated by white men.

Some on our side (and I may have done this in the past too) will point out to those on the Left that they don’t care about shootings when they happen in the black community, like Chicago or Baltimore, because that is gang violence.

I think it is important right now to acknowledge that gang violence, white supremacist violence, and incel violence all come from the same place.

The cause is the same but the symptoms manifest themselves differently in the black community.

Hopelessness leads to gang membership.  The drug addiction and violence that we see is a perverse form of fatalism.  The gang provides the same sort of camaraderie and feeling of community among isolated young black men that white supremacist and incel message boards do for radicalized white men.

They grow up in downtrodden, violent, and economically depressed communities, they don’t feel like they have any chance of making a better life for themselves so they join a gang and commit crimes, figuring that they are going to die anyway, might as well “live fast and die young.

Violence becomes a sort of recreational activity for them.

Black gang violence and lone wolf white mass shooter violence are two manifestations of the same problem, miserable, hopeless young men who see no positive future for themselves.

Again, as long as the people of influence continue to sue these shootings to push political bickering, nothing will get fixed for anyone.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Hopelessness and mass shootings in the black community”
  1. I was just saying to my girlfriend the other day after reading the manifesto, its the same thing that drives people to join gangs or radicalize into other forms of terrorism. Hopelessness, lack of opportunity, lack of community, poverty, etc. People see no way out and have no prospects and end up joining or getting recruited into the first community that makes itself available to them that accepts them and sympathizes with their plight.

  2. Gangs, white supremacists, incels, terrorists, all used the same recruiting tactics as cults. They pray on lost, lonely, hopeless, and miserable people by giving them a sense of belonging, while exploiting them.

    Why else does the PLA work so hard to keep the Palestinian people so poor and miserable. To use them as fodder for terrorist recruitment. Middle class Muslims born and raised in Israel don’t turn to terrorism. Their impoverished cousins in Gaza and PLA territory do.

  3. Politics doesnt want to solve anything. It just wants control over everyone. None of the bs from dems is new. Its the sme ol same ol. Like all hysteria it will flare and die out. Keep the faith and ammo dry

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