Let’s set the legality/morality/Schadenfraude/etc. emotions running about the actions. I am going to give you my reasons why this shooting should not be celebrated or imitated.

This is a comment I saw in Facebook and I want to use as anchor.

“That dude is fine. He won’t be found guilty of it goes to trial. Deadly force is deadly force.”

And the person might be right, but why risk going to trail in the first place? Do you have the six figures that will probably cost you to cover the expenses of a shooting? Do you have a family? Are you willing to have them harassed by the Media and assorted political assholes? How about your job? You will probably be asked to leave (or fired) because of the same before-mentioned assholes disrupting the business. Your life will be suspended for at least one year and that does not include the trip to the local jail and the procedures you will be subjected to which will be the same as if you were some low-life criminal with an extensive record. Can you afford making bail? Will bail even be considered? How about dealing with the critters inside lockup? You killed one of them, some retribution might be expected, or you must get ready to spend a long time in “protected” time all by your lonesome.  And how about the critters outside coming after your family?

I read somewhere that Zimmerman’s legal costs went above the two-million-dollar mark.   I have no idea how much Rittenhouse’s expenses were, but I figure nothing under the six figures either.

And yes, at the end you may be set free and revindicated, but all the suffering you and yours went through cannot be palliated.

And just because you took a dumb extra shot in the heat of the moment with inflated ego.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Houston Taqueria Shooting: Emotions running afoul consequences.”
  1. I wasnt there, in the video I saw a couple of what looked like to me, oppertunitys he could have drawn and confronted robber… in the world we live in now there are thousands of things to consider BEFORE you make the decision to shoot a bad guy… my personal choice is do nothing unless you or your direct other(s) are under threat. Make ready, watch, act…. Until you yourself are nose deep in it its hard to accurately say…

  2. There’s another thing here: I hear the cops are looking for the shooter. Not charged with anything, but they want to talk to him.
    Seems he did the “eats, shoots, and leaves” thing; post-shooting, he reportedly gave people back their money and departed.
    So maybe he doesn’t want to talk to the cops. Maybe for reasons… possibly involving personal history.
    If he’s identified, we may learn that he has a rather… colorful… past. Just a guess.

  3. You risk all that shit even with a 100% clear-cut case of self defense. Rittenhouse and Zimmerman are prime examples. I submit you couldn’t find more perfect examples of self-defense than those two cases, yet…

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