A substantial portion of half the country wants the other half of the country dead.

I’ve seen this before in the 1990s.

Rwanda, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

That didn’t go well.

I don’t want to repeat that here.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “How exactly do you share a country with people like this?”
  1. I don’t either.

    Unfortunately, it’s a choice only one side needs to make, to bring it about. She’s (?) clearly made that choice, she just hasn’t done anything about it yet.

  2. You might not want it, but the fascists do and either you sit and die or stand and fight. Your choice, but the pogrom isn’t far away.

  3. It’s *not* a substantial portion of half. It’s a miniscule, loud-mouthed group that gets amplified by the press and controversy.

    Don’t buy into misleading vividness — get off Twitter, it exists solely to cause division!

    1. Rush always said it was 24% of the Country….. why do the 76% continue to act like its 98????? The squeaky bearing eventually gets GREASED…

  4. How do you share a country with people like this?

    Hmmm. Perhaps, folks who have never heard of MOA, should not pick fights with folks who think in those terms.

    Although, I pray we do not proceed with this experiment.

  5. And that’s why we have guns. So we can hear her (?) ideas, listen to how she (?) plans to make them happen, and then quietly and calmly respond:


    Or, if we’re feeling particularly friendly:

    “No. Your move.”

  6. Lord forgive me, but when I see something like this creature and hear its insane ranting, a part of me wants it dead, too.

    I’m reminded of a post I saved last year from The American Catholic blog, by Don McClarey, who in commenting on the nastiness prevalent in public discourse in this country said the following:

    “After the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s brother in law, who had relatives murdered by Republican forces, Ramón Serrano Suñer, was asked why the Spanish Civil War occurred. He thought about the question a bit and finally said, ‘We simply couldn’t stand each other any more.’ ”

    1. It’s not a matter of wanting her dead, I think.

      It’s a question of what will happen, which choice will someone make, when she demands that person’s death and – important point here – starts taking steps to make it happen.

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