This is precisely why I have no faith in a YouTube gun influencer becoming a Congressman.


He made his fame and fortune with gun porn, getting people to watch videos of him shooting guns they could only dream of (the very essence of porn).

When the opportunity came to have a big shoot at a public range, he decided with his YouTube gun influencer friends, that you non-famous people were just too dangerous to be allowed at the range.

What happened to Chris Kyle was a tragedy but also unbelievably rare.

Knob Creek let people fire off belt feds and artillery, and nobody got shot.

I’ve been at matches open to the public where famous competitive shooting celebrities were there and they were cool.

Jerry Miculek is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

But Donut and Herrera are special.

They won’t deign to share a range with the hoi polloi.

Maybe he will be a good pro-gun politician.

But right now he still reeks of “I’m special because I’m rich and famous and you’re not” and we already have way the fuck too much of that in DC already.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “How gun influencers think of the proles”
  1. The gun culture is full of yuge egos and tiny…minds…funny how they assume everyone else’s range is a no rules shoot in a circle free for all. We have two ranges I frequent, mine and a buddy’s 200 yard/50 yard. We make the military ranges look lax.. fuk this guy. He will be another dan crenshaw- as soon as he is there he will continue to line his pockets and forget about us “little people “…

  2. Guy who gets death threats wants to protect his safety and you extrapolate that to him thinking he’s the only person who should have a gun?

    Might want to turn the sensitivity WAY down.

  3. Meh I don’t get that vibe from them, though probably could have been handled in a better way. They have done many public appearances so idk.
    And re curby, Brandon appears to one of the few very vocal and very public industry voices against the atf and isn’t afraid to mince words about them and their policies and prsctices unlike many other youtubers or industey people are.

    1. With Demo Ranch and Garand Thumb backing him, I have a feeling he won’t do anything that risks his YouTube besties’ NFA investments.

      1. IDK man, I don’t get that vibe from them either, but you can never really know who is blowing smoke in real life let alone youtube.
        I’d find Garand Thumb harder to believe based on the “transgressive” content he has produced.

  4. And that’s why Ian McCollum is gun Jesus – he shows up to matches with some weird/obsolete/obscure guns and runs the course. Not trying to be the best or be special.

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