Good thing for them they are doing this in London.

God help and Instagram jackass who tires this in and American CCW state.  It’s a great way to catch a bullet.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “How to get yourself shot for likes and followers”
  1. The end result is nobody gets shot and the only people who get hurt or hospitalized are the innocent bystanders they hurt.

    I don’t have enough words for how big scumbags they are.

    They really need to be rounded up and thrown in jail. I know it’s London, but didn’t everyone learn something like “your right to walk around swinging your arms ends at my face” in elementary school?

    1. In the case of London, there simply isn’t any capacity for self-defense. Remember, if you don’t use ‘proportionate response’ they’ll jail you instead.

      And that’s why you never let ANYONE take your guns away.

      1. And acceptable “proportionate response” always seems to be “two levels less than your assailant”.

        If they’re using harsh words, you must skip “ignore” and respond with nice words.

        If they’re assaulting you unarmed, you must skip harsh words and respond by trying to ignore it.

        If they’re trying to violently kill you with a weapon, you must skip fisticuffs and respond with slap-and-tickle.

        Under no circumstances are you EVER allowed to respond with a weapon.

        Or, you always have the option of the “right” thing: lie back and think of England.

        Honestly, it’s like they’ve raised an entire nation who goes through life using kindergarten rules — “hands are not for hurting”, “use your words”, etc. — while letting their thugs and “refugees” live by Taliban rules.

        This is how a civilization dies. With a whimper and a kind word … which is the harshest response to being violently slaughtered the law allows.

  2. So they film themselves committing assault and battery, post it online, and they’re still walking free?

    Yet you post something on FaceBook saying women can’t become men, and the police are asking you questions…

    1. The bobbies aren’t allowed to use force to effect an arrest, any more than a victim is allowed to use force to defend his/her life.

      Ergo, the thugs can film themselves committing these violent acts, post them online, and advertise their own guilt, but since they bring a wider spectrum of violent force to the “arrest” encounter, the bobbies can’t do much to stop it without assuming an unacceptable level of physical risk and legal liability.

  3. There was a group a few years ago that staged a murder scene in a convenience store in the wee hours of the morning, then waited for customers to come in. Once the customer got a look at the bloody scene, a clown with a machete would enter the room and scare the customer. The entire thing was then posted online for laughs.

    I pointed out that this was a good way to wind up with a dead clown.

    1. And that’s bad how? (Except for the innocent victimized and traumatized armed citizen.)

      I note this also works for several definitions of “clown.”

    1. Social media — ain’t.

      I’m adding this to my list of Murphy’s Laws, right next to, Leak-proof seals — will. Self-starters — will not. Interchangeable parts — won’t. Uninterruptible power supplies — aren’t.

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