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11 thoughts on “How’s that Climate Warming fight coming along?”
  1. I grew up there. Don’t recognize that area, other than it doesn’t look like any of the major streets heading from Virginia.

    I can say one thing – You do more harm to your cause than good by blocking traffic there. Nothing makes your average DC commuter feel like breaking heads with a bat than sitting in traffic caused by nitwit protesters.

  2. Interesting that the police are blocking traffic for them rather than clearing away the rabble. It must be nice, especially when there are only a dozen or so of you, to have the official support of the town government for your offensive activities.

    1. They are protesting for the “Correct” causes.
      Just like the folks that invaded the EPA in their Insurrection.
      And the folks that shutdown Congressional Hearings.

      They don’t need no steenking permits.
      Laws are for the mundane Republicans.
      Their lawlessness is protected by the shield of Democratic self-righteousness

    2. Alternatively, the police are protecting the public from over-zealous prosecutors taking them to trial for vehicular manslaughter.

    3. I’m sure the drivers are happier that they have to detour rather than have to sit blocked by these idiots and have to listen to them.

      1. True. The term “climate change” was chosen (replacing “global warming”) because it is true, and always has been, and always will be — at least so long as Earth has a climate (an atmosphere). Ask any dinosaur about climate change.

        Over the millennia, it has sometimes been colder, sometimes warmer than today. There are records going back 50,000 years showing both facts. Clearly, none of it until 100 years ago can possibly be anthropogenic, which means there is no scientifically valid reason to believe this has changed in the past century.

        If someone produces a climate model that reproduces the GISP2 data throughout its entire 50k year span, I might start having some faith in climate models. Until that happens, if ever, those models are just computer games.

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