Stephen Gutowski is a writer and firearms expert for the Washington Free Beacon.  He is probably the most knowledgeable writer on the topics of firearms in any non-firearms specific media publication.

He took to Twitter to counter the political “we must do something” following yesterday’s Saugus High School shooting.

We still do not have all the details about the shooting, however Gutowski’s assertions are true.  The shooter was 16 years old and by every law in California, was not able to buy a gun and should have been unable to get his hands on one.

Over to the Daily Mail for a second.  They published an anti-gun article on this shooting – mostly attacking the shooter’s father for being a hunter that reloaded – that had a few decent nuggets of useful information in it.

As authorities continue to investigate and try to determine a motive, details about the suspect and his family have started to emerge – including how there were signs of trouble at home.

Berhow’s father, Mark Berhow, died of a heart attack in December 2017, according to his online obituary.

A childhood friend of Berhow’s speculated in a KTLA interview that the death of the teen’s father two years ago could have triggered the rampage.

So the shooter’s dad died suddenly when the boy was 14.  I would say that the loss of a dad at this age was probably the proximal cause of the shooting, as we know what the effect of a boy raised without a father can be.  For his dad to have died suddenly and unexpectedly just adds fuel to that fire.

Jared Axen, who lives next door to the family, said Berhow used to go hunting with his father and that firearms ‘weren’t a mystery to him’.

My suspicion is that the father’s guns were not secured by mom after dad’s death.  If she is not familiar with guns, she may have not have known how to do that or where all of them were.

That’s the end of my speculation.

Enter Charlotte Clymer.  Clymer is the communications officer for the Human Rights Campaign, which is a far Left-leaning LGBT rights organization.

Did I mention they were far Left-leaning?

First, two points:

One: being a veteran or from a Red state doesn’t mean you know fuck all about guns or American gun laws.  I have known and worked with many veterans who are as ignorant about guns as any member of Moms Demand Action.  Most military jobs do not require firearms knowledge and none require knowing about US gun laws.  “I served as a Finance officer/JAG officer/Public Affairs officer, so I am an expert on why you shouldn’t own an AR-15” is horseshit.

Two: I thank all veterans for their service.  But I am getting very suspicious of all these raging Leftists who come out of the military and immediately attack our civil liberties, from guns to free speech and the presumption of innocence.  Pam Bondi, Ted Lieu, Amy McGrath, all of them have the message “I served in the military so you can’t question my patriotism/love of America” then proceed to advocate for gun confiscation, call the NRA a terrorist organization, and argue that men accused of decades-old sex sexual assault, without evidence, are guilty.

I know the military has never been partisan, but this is starting to disturb me, as in are we headed in the direction of a Leftist Junta in the US?  Maybe I’m being paranoid, but this seems to be the root of the Ukrainian Whistleblower thing.  “You can’t question Vindman’s motives, he’s a Lt. Col, his loyalty and patriotism are unimpeachable” is the defense, but it seems that he was a partisan hack in uniform.

Clymer seems to be using that same defense in her Tweet.

She continued:

First of all, that is fucking condescending.  There really is nothing like the contempt and condescension of the self-righteous Progressive.

And while yes, Clymer might be technically correct, there has not been one school shooting or mass shooting I am aware of in which the shooter went across state lines to buy a gun in a neighboring state that was illegal in the shooter’s home state.

Considering that this shooter was 16, what would adding a UBC to this situation do?  A 16 year old is prohibited from buying a gun anywhere, and a unlicensed seller would have to willfully break the law to hand the gun over to an obvious child.

I don’t think Clymer is too dumb to get that.  It’s that those points are irrelevant.

She wants these gun control laws passed, this shooting is a perfectly good puddle of blood to dance in, and she wields Progressive brow-beating condescension as a brickbat to get her way.

Its not about stopping the next school shooting.  It’s about attacking the rights of law abiding gun owners.

And if you disagree or call her on it, she’ll remind you that she’s a veteran from Texas so is more American, more patriotic, and know more about guns than you, so you need to shut your mouth, sweetie.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “HRC Spokesperson reminds us it’s never about stopping the next shooting but about control”
  1. He’s not yet 16 years old, so he doesn’t have a driver’s license – at most a learner’s permit. It’s also over 800 miles from Saugus to El Paso, seems an unlikely distance to travel to attempt to illegally purchase a gun.

    Additionally, private sales in Texas are limited to residents of Texas, so once the not quite 16 year old drove over 800 miles he’d arrive a a guy’s house, with California plates, a California accent, and a California learner’s permit.

    Chances are a Texas gun owner would notice one or more of the red flags and tell the kid to get lost before he called the constable.

  2. Oh, Bless your heart, Charlotte. Aren’t you precious, with your “Texas” and your “veteran?” And a pretend “gun owner,” too? That’s so sweet.

    Adults are talking, honey. You can leave now and powder your nose. We’ll let you know when we want a sandwich or something.

    Scoot now. Bye!

  3. Magical thinking trumps reality every day of the week.

    Sure, UBC did nothing to stop this shooting, but it will stop the next one. Or the one after that. If we just find that combination of words that is so well written that criminals will pay attention to them. We HAVE to do something!!!

  4. As I recall, firearm sales to residents of another state are illegal by Federal law, never mind Texas law — except that sales to residents of neighboring states are allowed if and only if that state allows such a thing. Given the victim disarmament policies of CA, I assume it does not authorize this exception.

    Meanwhile, that veteran, if indeed he/she is one, reminds me a lot of Mayor Pete. He too tried to wrap his anti-gun politics in the mantle of “don’t pick on me because I’m a veteran”. Remember that photo of him trying to act like he knows how to handle an M-16?

  5. I am a veteran of an Airforce mobile combat communication group( never did see combat, unless you count marriage) We had lots of firearms training AND I have an 07 manufacturers FFL , certified NRA Instructor so Char honey, I ll take a ham n cheese on white with mayo. Oh and shut up…

  6. Wasn’t there a journalist with the same last name who made “Clymer” a synonym for “a-hole”?

  7. I was in the Navy. We spent exactly one day on the range in boot camp. We shot 1911’s that were converted to .22LR. The 10 best shots in each company were allowed to shoot full sized .45ACP to qualify for expert. I didn’t touch another weapon after that as a part of my service. (I did on my own)

    Being a veteran doesn’t make you a weapons expert.

  8. Anyone who condemns, marginalizes, or disparages all military personnel, active or otherwise, based upon the dishonorable acts of a few is despicable beyond words. Conversely, anyone who praises, embraces, or holds all military personnel, active or otherwise above reproach, scrutiny, accountability, or challenge regarding their beliefs, motives, actions, or patriotism, based solely on their military service may need to simply explain how that conveniently broad standard applies to the following who served in the U.S. military:
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Charles Whitman
    Tim McVay
    Terry Nichols
    Nadal Hassan
    Jeffrey Robert MacDonald
    John Anthony Walker
    James Hall III
    George Trofimoff
    Chelsea Manning
    … and so on.

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