Social Justice Warrior and actor Mark Ruffalo sent this Tweet:

The petition Ruffalo is linking to contains this gem of anti-Semitic Jewish conspiracy tinfoil hatism.

Unfortunately, the ADL already vilified Marc Lamont Hill for his criticism of Israeli policy. Once again we are seeing the American Jewish establishment censor conversations about Palestinian rights by falsely claiming antisemitism, and it is setting a terrifying precedent.

Yep, the “Jewish Establishment” got Hill fired for … using a phrase coined by Hamas and used by Islamic terrorists to call for the destruction of Israel.

For the first time, I am glad Stan Lee is dead because seeing the actor that played The Hulk, a character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, defend a Hamas supporter and Jew hater would have destroyed him.

It’s a good thing I was getting done with the MCU because this totally killed it for me.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Hulk smash career!”
  1. Yeah, and the Germans weren’t really anti-semitic, they were just protecting rights of the downtrodden Ayran minority. (sarcasm off)

  2. If you don’t know that “from the river to the sea” is a slogan meaning “kill all Jews” you are too stupid to pound sand, and even too stupid for CNN.

    1. They don’t “know” it because they refuse to learn it, despite hearing it — and nodding along with it — a million times. The left is stunningly incurious when it comes to the motives of, well, anyone, really.

      1. No, I have stopped attributing their ignorance or incuriousness as such.
        They know – too damned well – precisely what they mean and why they’re saying it.
        Their excuses are the same type of disingenuity as the Nazis who were claiming they were only following orders. When it comes down to it, they should get the same treatment those Nazis got.

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