Over the weekend I wrote a post I absolutely hate what social media has done to our society.

In it I said:

Today, it feels like one of those westerns where the gunslinger comes to town and pushes everyone around because he’s the quickest draw in territory.

Except in this case it’s the TikToker or Twitter user with thousands or millions of followers who can get their narrative out faster and to more people to murder your reputation online who is the gunslinger in the black coat.

This is the greatest evil of social media.

I hate being so right.

This went viral:

He’s been fired when the woke mob went after his employer.  His life is ruined.

Good, he’s an asshole who deserves it, right?


There is a little more to this story.

The wild encounter erupted when an irate Iannazzo returned to the store after earlier ordering a smoothie that supposedly contained peanuts, which caused his highly allergic son to have a reaction and require hospitalization, authorities said.

A remorseful Iannazzo said Monday in a statement that he was “out of my mind with fear” for his son and insisted that he told staff about the peanut allergy when he ordered the drink — despite employees telling cops the father had just asked for no peanut butter.

Iannazzo, who turned himself into cops after the incident, issued a statement Monday saying he made the “regrettable comments” after his 17-year-old son went into “life threatening anaphylactic shock.”

“After he started to drink his smoothie, my son lost the capacity to breathe properly; his lips and face swelled up, and he required an EpiPen shot, but it did not offer him relief. I called 911,” Iannazzo said in the statement.

“My son then went to the bathroom, threw up and fell unconscious to the floor. He threw up again. My wife gave him another EpiPen while I called 911 again.”


Yes, I completely agree that his behavior was unacceptable.


It seems like a bunch of high school girls slack-assing at their job while on TikTok nearly killed his son and sent him to the hospital, then lied to the cops about it.

I’m not saying what dad did was right but I understand.

But you’d never know this because these girls got their video viral and dad doesn’t even have social media on his phone.

If what dad says happened us true I hope he sues the fuck out of everyone including his former employer and wins millions.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I absolutely hate what social media has done to our society – the internet proves me right in 48 hours”
  1. Dad needs to make a TikTok video, talking into his phone while sitting in his car, where he tearfully explains that the barista wrote the wrong pronoun on his cup.

  2. It is a shame he threw away the evidence.

    BTW barista’s, YOU ALL are neither ladies, nor professionals. As upsetting as these incidents can be you owe it to your company, and especially yourselves, to comport yourselves with dignity. This can happen when you deal with the public. Learn to deal with it.

  3. The video never tells the story. The video poster will always start the video at the point where it makes them look the best, and the subject of the video look the worst. Which, in an upon itself, it not really the problem.

    The problem is the thousands who see the video and declare they know the whole story. They get people fired, they ruin marriages, families, and lives. And, they do it with a.) less than 50% of the information required to make a rational choice, and b.) with zero regard to the consequences of their actions.

    They took action to get someone fired, and went right back to whatever mindless BS they were involved in, with no regret. Heck, most of the people will probably never follow up and see if their actions were successful. Outraged for just long enough to ruin someone else’s life. Oh… and maybe tacos for dinner?

    1. BAM!!! 110% correct! Clowns and cowards that would never say the same thing that they write to the persons face.
      Say it when you’re standing 2 feet from somebody eyeball to eyeball.
      Yea, probably not.

      Hire a person that is qualified for the actual job.

      Always do the absolute best that you can in whatever job you have. That’s how you learn, that’s how you advance.

  4. Time for a deep dive into the social media accounts of everyone there, workers, whoever posted that, the person that tracked him down, spineless boss who fired him and store owner. You know there is shit there.

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