I met the guys from Wilson Combat at NRAAM.  They did me a huge favor and smithed one of my 1911s for me that I tried to do myself and sort of didn’t do a great job on.

They shipped it to me on Monday via UPS 2nd Day Air.  I missed delivery on Wednesday so had it held at the UPS center on the far side of town.

I left work early to get to them in time to get my gun today.  It was ready for pickup yesterday.  I have that email.

I’ve been here at UPS for 45 minutes and they cant find it.

They are telling me now it is marked “mis-sort.”

I’m thinking somebody saw “Wilson Combat” on the return label and it walked out of here.

What they don’t seem to get is that they lost a gun belonging to the employee of an FFL.

I have the ATF on speed dial.

If this place closes and I don’t have my gun I am going to fuck thier day up with the help of The Fed Dot Gov.

I’m going to use every connection I have to make sure they go motherfucking Waco on these sons-of-bitches.

It’s going to get ugly.


They didn’t find it.  I’m going to make sure people go to jail.

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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “I am about to ruin somebody’s day – Update”
  1. Accountability. It’s a thing.

    In my experience with UPS, “mis sort” = “we damaged the package really badly and are trying to decide what to do now.” Either way, not acceptable.

    Please let us know what happened

  2. UPS is well known for ‘losing’ firearms, which is why they require them to be shipped overnight. This is also a prime example of why UBC won’t work.

    1. Long ago, I used to work for a UPS contractor. One of our employees was in the “chain of custody” for bulk shipments from Ruger in Prescott. He got a friendly visit from the feds after a whole crate of firearms went missing. It turned out to be a couple of the UPS employees and not him. Pretty stupid and moronic to think an entire crate of firearms wouldn’t go unnoticed but there it is.

    1. I submit that DHL has the edge over (under?) either. Offhand I cannot recall ever having a DHL-involved delivery that went smoothly and as scheduled.

      The USPS SurePost abomination is right down there with it, though.

  3. UPS once sent a very expensive Colt I had ordered from New York to California, and I’m in Georgia! Bloody geniuses, those boys.

  4. UPS once sent a very expensive Colt I had ordered from New York to California.. and I’m in Georgia!

    1. The law requires that I notify a common carrier of the contents of my shipment, if that shipment contains a firearm. I say things like: “Sig Model 229” or I use “wilson part number 2378-4”.

      Not my fault that they don’t recognize my precise description as being a firearm

  5. Had that happen to me a bit back w/ a firearm I ordered and had delivered to a local FFL. They had it scanned ‘off the truck’ and then it disappeared. I called and snidely told me to file a claim. I casually told them it was a firearm and I was calling the ATF to report a gun stolen at their facility w/ the names of everyone who scanned it and who I spoke to then hung up.

    15 min later they called me back, told me they had ‘found’ it, and were dispatching a truck to have it delivered that evening. It was ‘found’ in a closet. Yeah, same scenario. They saw ‘gun shop’ and decided to steal it.

  6. Every firearm manufacturer that does business by mail or private carrier should register an alternate business name and offer customers the option to have that alternate name on the return address.

    A package from “Wilson Combat” or “Remington Arms” is a tempting target for a thief. A package from “Budget Catheters, Inc.” or “Colostomy Bags Direct” isn’t so tempting.

    1. I had made up return business labels as a gag for shipping wedding presents to buddies.

      “Thick Richard’s Dildo Emporium”

      They were great.

      Those might have to make a comeback for gun shipments.

    2. Some ammo companies do. I’ve gotten stuff from Lucky Gunner and Ammoman with return address names like “LG Distribution” and “AM Distribution”. PSA sends stuff from “Shipping Dept.” and an address.

  7. We have similar problems in Germany – the law prohibits sending weapons through the mail (only via courier) to customers so guns don’t go missing all that often – but parts do. We had a couple packages that got cut open or never arrived.

  8. Actually, I think you want to have Marsellus Wallace “call up some hard pipe-hittin’ gentlemen of color with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch, and get medieval on their @$$.”

    Best Wishes.

    The BATFE lives for this stuff.

  9. Ship in a big freaking box with labels on all six sides. Hard to hide a 2′ by 2′ by 2′ box in your pants. It’s also hard to cover a delivery label six times.

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