It’s the only way we are going to get groomers like this out of the schools:

I’m absolutely serious.  Any teacher that discusses gender or sexually, or fails to abide by a strict gender conforming dress code in front of children, should be fired and sent to a prison labor camp.

This is pure evil and I don’t see a peaceful way out of it.  The power of the education system should not and cannot be used to to destroy children, but it is.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I am actively hoping for a Right wing dictatorship in America”
  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and make a bet. I will bet every dollar in my wallet that if this “gender fluid” whatever was presented with a hundred pictures of random people, and asked to point to the ones she finds attractive, she would only point to the men.

    The more of this type of crap I see, the more I am reminded of the person who suddenly becomes a fan of the local sports team when they get into the playoffs. A week ago, they probably could not name a single player on the team, now they have three jerseys, several hats, and are discussing why player A is a better choice for starter than player B.

    Right now, it is “cool” to be doing this. It is a badge of honor, a way of conforming. The trans crowd are the new cool kids, the new hot band, the new restaurant. And assholes like this, who would not be noticed in any way otherwise, are hopping on the bandwagon.

  2. One feminist writer put it this way: There is no such thing as a transsexual.
    That was in the context of how letting men compete in women’s sports pushing that particular reality-denial is harmful to women.

    Put another way, the transsexual push is an effort to restore misogyny. And along the way, part of the larger effort to “cull the herd”.

    Spread this word, I don’t see it enough: CRT is harmful to young blacks. And other young folks too.

    Put another way, CRT is an effort to divide the victims of government oppression, but mostly it is a resurrection of Jim Crow under another name.

    1. You may be right on the “transsexual push”, but I don’t think that blanket statement that there is no such thing as a transsexual is accurate. I know several who are not athletes or in any other way interested in using the male body’s physical advantages over the female. The thing to remember is that real cases like that are quite rare; the fad of the past 2-3 years is an entirely different matter.

    2. In that first video the it said that when the second child said it was a boy and a girl it’s response was that it got euphoric. That is the tell. That person is severely mentally ill and is using young children for validation. That is evil and revolting.

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