Notice that this list includes ANYONE who made a $1,000 donation to Trump.  That list is likely to include lots of small business owners and middle-class professionals, not just millionaires and billionaires.

We knew that they were not going to win graciously, but this exuberance to utterly destroy anyone who supported Trump is utterly and legitimate fascistic.

This is terrifying.

I am scared.  This is not hyperbole, I am scared.

These people had no problem shutting down the economy because of a 99.7% survivable virus to get Trump.  Do you for one second think that they would have no qualms against putting the near 70 million Trump voters in this country out of work and into destitution, permanently?  Of course not.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “I am legitimately afraid”
  1. A small correction, if I may:
    Yet to be proven that they legitimately won. The cursory glance suggests they did not.
    So “gracious winner” shouldn’t be on the table here.

  2. Fear is understandable and I believe at this point the right emotion for people with a life and family. They have delivered on enough threats that is would be unwise to not take them at their word.

    The grand plans and weapons they intend to use against us are being brandished in the light of day now and because most people want to be left alone and live their lives they’ve recieved very little pushback.

    Once they’ve had Falling Down happen to them or a few times or some of them start to turn up they’ll claim they were right all along that we are indeed violent and bigoted domestic terrorists who must be brought to heel. They want that justification and are willing to manufacture and sacrifice their own to get it.

    The small fish who are building this machine truly do not know what they’re being used to do and that it’s just as hungry for them as it is us. Heck even the middle management and head shed are fair game in their mind. But only others of course never themselves. So long as it serves a purpose.

    We have a branching path ahead:
    1.Trump wins on appeals and we have massive riots and violence unseen yet and another four years of opposition media with a new conservative network emerging. The coup is delayed and the smart start taking more names and going after the bureaucrats who enabled much of this.
    2. Trump loses and the rinos who think that a Trump loss is a Reublican Win speak about bridging the divide and provide the vichy votes needed to enact major sweeping socialist reforms
    3. Trump loses and the Republicans and fake conservative news outlets both of which can only truly exist and make money as the underdog opposition party see a mass migration as the party fractures allowing for an unobstructed Democrate pogrom
    4. Trump loses and they tip the domino over and once it is out of their reach they lose control. The methods they use to monitor and control people begin to fail as people figure out where they are and who belongs to them and begin taking a tally as they have no reason to play the willing punching bag. Feds have a harder time entrapping and intercepting actions as formerly supportive citizens reject the idea that patriotism is owed not earned and go underground.

    Forgive the morning ramble as I have a new coffee and the crisp weather is making me thoughtful.

  3. “I want them to be unemployable for the remainder of their lives.” — commenter in the Ben Meiselas tweet thread.

    Do they not understand how dangerous people can be when they have nothing left to lose? If you destroy folks’ lives, it is certain a number of them will react extremely aggressively (and I ain’t talking about posting mean tweets).

  4. Not possible. They can’t make 70 million people unemployable and still pay for the socialist plans they have. The goal here is to cow or destroy the Republican party.

    Either that, or they are deliberately trying to pick a fight and start a civil war.

    1. I agree.

      Think they realize that? Or really care if they do?

      Many if not most of these people are in a “Death! Death to all who opposed us!” Lok-Nar (aka Facebook and Twitter on an iPhone 20) mode of thought right now – literally nothing else matters.

    2. @DM
      Some of them are quite certainly agitating to start a civil war. Or worse.
      Remember that “violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie” is and has been a tenet of communists for a century now. Combine that with “critical race theory,” “privilege,” “intersectionality” and all the other bullshit that has devolved since.
      They truly believe that ideas can be killed by proxy, through killing adherents and believers of those ideas, and that their utopia can only be achieved through wiping out freedom and those who desire it.
      It’s a religious war on power with Islam for evil and potentially exceeding it for scope and grasp.
      The rank-and-file may be horrified by it, much as many western Muslims reject the notion of religious mass murder, but like the western Muslims, they refuse to consider the ramifications of that which they support, and reject challenges to the philosophical underpinnings of their beliefs that make such end goals necessary.
      Ten years ago, I would have called Islam the greatest threat to the world, but I have since reconsidered. At least the Muslims acknowledge a higher power than man, and they are sort of willing to coexist, even if in a master/slave relationship.
      The progressives/liberals/communists worship themselves only, and any challenge to their religion is a personal affront to their own being. And they can not allow ANYONE to worship anything but their own divinity.

  5. Before the election, Clinton’s labor secretary Robert Reich (great name for a fascist) was openly calling for a truth and reconciliation commission to judge Trump supporters. Isn’t this the process that led to the invention of necklacing in South Africa?

    For those that aren’t familiar with the term, that was the revenge system where people were chained to the ground, and then old tire placed around their neck. Then the tire had some gasoline poured into it and set on fire?

    1. It doesn’t require chaining to the ground. When the tire is forced over the head and torso, the arms are restrained. Gasoline is poured over the victim and into the tire.

      But as you say, very very very nasty.

  6. I’m not scared, oddly. Call me a keyboard warrior if it makes you feel better, but this completely legitimizes any tactic taken in response.

  7. In a communist revolution, the end stages happen with blinding speed. The inauguration is January 20. Expect that Biden ( a useful idiot) will have outlived his usefulness and be overthrown within weeks. The end will come with blinding speed after that, if history is any guide.

    The entire country will collapse in a matter of weeks. Violence is considered a means to achieving the goal of centralized power. There is not even a pretense of due process or respect for free speech. Yes, there are pretexts given for eliminating perceived enemies, excuses that have the perpetrators projecting their own intentions upon their victims, but the accusations are merely for show. In the beginning, there will be public show trials, but they will be a sham. Then the disappearances will begin.

  8. I was scared. I’m really not anymore. Whether Trump won or lost, this was inevitable.

    Get right with God, and take care of yourself and the ones you love as best as you can. Go down swinging.

  9. I don’t know if it was here or Instagram that I saw this, but it sounds a lot like the Tascón Lists

    “The list made “sectarianism official”. Venezuelans who signed against Chávez were denied jobs, benefits, and documents, and often subjected to harassment. Once the list was posted, Chávez, on a Venezolana de Televisión broadcast, encouraged use of the website to “verify illicit use of national identity cards”. Roger Capella, Minister of Health declared that “those who signed against President Chávez would be fired because they are committing an act of terrorism””

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