It seems a lot of people on our side of politics are downright amazed that the Main Stream Media and Left Wing Political Pundits are putting the blame of the ISLAMIST TERRORIST failed attack in Garland on the organizer of the Mohammed Cartoon event. Supposedly, they are the great defenders of the First Amendment and should stand for any kind of protected speech, no matter how foul.

And you’d be wrong.

You see, they are not for the First Amendment as it is stated, they are not for Freedom of Speech as we all know it, they are for Freedom of Their Speech. Not the same thing.

Not only they are for Freedom of Their Speech, but for the cessation and punishment of any contrary speech that may defy it. They are the self-appointed Rulers of the Thought: They are perfect in their politics which will bring about peace, equality and a better world. Any opinion that does not match their tight set of instructions must be erased.

They realize that there are many out there that have not seen the Light They Shine yet, so they are trying to educate us by telling us we are wrong when we assume Freedom of Speech should be at the same level of Freedom of Their Speech. They come on TV or write editorials explaining about hurt feelings and Trigger Warnings and how, in the name of being a good human, you should self-censor and avoid others to be emotionally damaged by your dirty opinions. Do it for the Children, do it for the college girls that have been taught that a compliment is equal to rape. Do it for the minorities they kept under their wing, not only stifling their culture, but making them third class citizens, every jour. victims.

They see themselves as saviors. They will save us from ourselves, anything you say will be used against you in your Hate Speech Trial and they get to decide what is Hate Speech at any given second during such trial.

They are True Believers in that they are Right and you are to either shut up, or they’ll find a nice little hole where they can drop you and make you disappear.  It is their core, there is no guile in it, no double talk, no contradictions, no conspiracy.

And fighting fair with them is like trying to contain The Blob with a chain link fence. So let’s not do that.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “I am not surprised about the Garland Double-Talk.”
  1. I continue to be unsurprised as well. Not even the fact that so many supposedly conservative news readers are blaming the victim surprises me. After all, they all want to be on the “right side” of the knife. Seemingly unaware that they will likely be among the first to experience the sharp side.

  2. We should continue to be vigilant. Eventually, if they haven’t already, the Left is going to start beating the drum for more gun bans and limitations of gun rights, citing Garland as the reason.

    In a post-Garland world, ALL gun prohibitions should be lifted. Immediately.

  3. This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but our ‘side’ does it as well. One need only look at the reaction to flag ‘desecrators’* “That flag is a symbol of freedom, and I’ll kick your ass (ie. become the enemy of freedom) to defend it!”

    * ‘desecration’ requires it to be a holy object, and apotheosis of the state is something most religions seriously frown upon.

  4. Faaaar too many people really don’t get why free speech is so important.
    Free speech is a safety valve, a feedback loop, and disinfectant.

  5. Intimidation works. These gutless swine have proven it.

    They could have simply reported the story straight up. Just the facts. No editorializing. Instead they blamed the victim. Pam Geller was asking for it by flaunting her First Amendment and Her Freedom of Speech. How dare she speak her mind and encourage others to do so?

    Buuut they had to inject their own personal (or was it their craven corporate leaders?) opinion into the story. Now we know they can be intimidated. Do we have the guts and guile to use this information? Others will.

  6. I wonder how much cross over there is between the Pam Geller critics and the Je suis Charlie crowd.

  7. Many on the left hate the first amendment because it allowed those with a logical argument to articulate it making their irrational overly emotional rants look as insane as they are. Those with damaged amygdala’s have been straining to remain PC and tolerant for so long they can no longer make rational decisions on right or wrong, rights or government permission. This irrationality had been reserved for the second amendment for many years until they realized that gun owners were using the first amendment to defeat their arguments. This has lead to a rapid move by the gun hater cult to attack the First as vehemently as they have the Second. They must destroy the First Amendment in order to conquer the Second.

  8. Free speech for me but not for thee. Just how do we restrict the 1st Amendment? Will it need to be re-written? Which speech will be allowed and what won’t?

    There’s a reason the 1st Amendment is first, It is important to have a voice. Then there is that whole redress of grievances thing. The 2nd Amendment is almost as important as the 1st, because speaking you mind may need to be defended. But the liberal idiot pisswits don’t care as long as they get their say and the rest of us can just shut up.

  9. You are attaching too much importance to the numbering of the amendments. During revisions of the BoR, the sequence changed a number of times. IIRC, the final list was somewhat arbitrary in the order, but I don’t recall the details at this point.

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