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  1. Registered for a Appleseed event the end of April. This will be my first training other than the NRA basic pistol safety course. I’m planning on just keeping it simple by taking my 10/22 along with my sons as a backup. I could do it in .308 but was wondering if there is any real benefits. Miguel’s threads on his foray at Appleseed were great for an overview. Any additional advice would be appreciated.

        1. One of those foam pads you can get to put under a sleeping pad. The one time I did Appleseed, those were allowed.

    1. I was an instructor in training with AS for a bit, could never really rank up because it was a huge time suck, had to drop out.

      Use your 10/22, the only thing you will do with .308 is send money out the end of your barrel. Most of the training is done at 25 yds on scaled targets. If the host facility has a KD (known distance) range (some have 200yds or out to 500 yds or more), they may have you bring a centerfire rifle to try at distance on Sunday. If you are using iron sights, a cheap but very useful mod is to install some Tech sights; these replace the standard Ruger sights – they’re military peep sights similar to the M1A. Another thing I installed was an extended mag release. It’s not necessary but helpful. If you’re using a dot or a scope, make sure you are familiar with the adjustment values for elevation and windage, you’ll be doing some math. Also, make sure your rings and attachments are all locked down tight. Its very hard to diagnose shooting problems when your scope is moving. Using a sling is a big part of the marksmanship equation. Get a standard GI web sling ahead of time or ask the AS team before the match if they will be selling them at the range.

      Dress for the weather, and hydrate, especially if you are going to be in the sun. A tarp or shooting mat will keep you off the ground especially if wet. Soft elbow and knee pads will help, you are going to spend a lot of time transitioning between standing, kneeling and prone positions (you will be sore after the first day, more so after the 2nd).

      The goal of the weekend is to teach rifle marksmanship and give you some Revolutionary War history. Getting the Rifleman patch is not an easy accomplishment, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it. Do take note of how your groups improve from the very first target to the last. Have fun!

      Note: AS will teach you marksmanship, in generic terms, how to make accurate, aimed shots at varying distances. They will NOT teach you anything tactical. If you have an AR or AK, etc, I would also recommend taking a carbine or fighting rifle class at some point. You will learn how to run your gear, do malfunction drills, etc. The more advanced classes get into threat assessment/engagement, problem solving, etc. Having both skill sets will make you a well rounded shooter.

    2. Or, if you are on blood thinners, as I am, acetaminophen (Tylenol).

      Take a dose going in, and as needed cording to package directions.

      HYDRATE! If your pee is not nearly clear, drink lots, lots more.


      Bring a folding chair.

      Gloves that you can shoot in. If it’s cold, your hands will thank you. If it is warm, and sunny, your hands….

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