From Inside the Magic:

But in the production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast currently running at the Olney Theatre Center in Maryland, Belle is played by Jade Jones, a self-described queer, plus-sized Black woman.” MSNBC recently posted a story having picked up on the viral sensation in Olney, Maryland, and it’s been making humongous waves.

The Wokies may squee over this but the normies have no interest in a fat lesbian Belle.

But when it flops we’ll be called racist, homophobic, and fatphobic.

Go woke go broke but Disney doesn’t seem to care.



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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “I can already hear the screeching when this flops”
  1. The jokes will write themselves.

    The reporter even slipped in one of her own, “making humongous waves.”

    If yiou read between the lines of the story, the “Disnerd” reporter is basically saying that the regional theatre production is not following the Disney Licensed Production rules, but there is no way Disney can publicly complain due to the racial, sexual, and woke implications.

      1. I remember learning how to read and analyze Soviet and Communist Propaganda from anti-Communist articles in Newspapers and “The Reader’s Digest” back at High School in the 1970’s.

        Now I apply the same analysis tools to anything from US Mainstream Media and any and all Government Pronouncements. I miss the old days when Communists were not popular, I even miss the polyester leisure suits and platform shoes.

  2. But…

    The narrative says that fat is beautiful, queer is normal (no, it is to be celebrated), black is OK for a role written for a white person, but white is not OK for a role written for a black person.

    Michelle Obama was (per the news) the most beautiful woman that ever entered the white house. She was a fashion icon. Be like her.

    On the other hand, Melania Trump was hideous to behold, and the fashion designers were doing the world a favor by refusing to design gowns for her.

    Remember, the left is made up of children. And, children love to pull things down and destroy. It is easier than actually creating.

    1. Classic Leftist doublethink in action. First they tell you to not use lookist language like ‘beautiful’ when talking to your daughter.

      Then they do just that when talking about some woke fat sow or withered beanpole that’s just plain ugly to the bone. Usually combined with “stunningandbrave”.

  3. I watched “Free Guy” last night because Ryan Reynolds is hilarious and it was an interesting concept.

    I wasn’t expecting the plot to be that a selfish CEO was planning on screwing over consumers while hiding a utopia and that you shouldn’t look down on NPCs just because they repeatedly spout off what they’re told to spout off.

    Nor was I expecting the completely random, not-at-all-relevant-to-the-story one-liners about feminism and gun control.

    But then there was a 3-second appearance by a Marvel character and I realized I was watching a Disney-owned property and it all made sense.

  4. One one hand, Emma Watson live action remake. On the other hand, obese/lesbian/woke/live action remake.

    I can only imagine who’ve will do better.

  5. No one stopped to think about the word humongous in this context? Or was the reporter pissed at having to cover this as (ahem) straight news?

  6. This isn’t so much wokeism as it is the fault of Common Core grammar and smartphone spell-check.

    They thought they were casting a bell, instead of a Belle, and so after a quick image search, they went for something loud, antique bronzed, five feet around, and weighing in at 500-plus pounds.

    I suppose it’s too much to hope that they follow up by hanging it in a tower, and beating on it with a 100-pound bronze clapper.

    Fair is fair.

    Either way, the noise it makes when it flops will register on seismographs from Orlando to Burbank.

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