As the Left is backtracking on COVID-19 restrictions and pretending like they are taking a reasonable stance and not reacting to Biden’s crashing poll numbers.

Jesse Kelly asked people to tell their Covid lockdown horror stories.

Two broke me.

It’s what was done to the children that is unforgivable.

It was the first time in the history of the civilized world I can think of where the elderly fought to keep themselves safe by sacrificing the children.

I do not want to to let bygones be bygones and go back to normal.

I want every one of these Covidians to suffer and pay for what they’ve done.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I do not want to return to normalcy I want retribution and blood”
  1. “history of the civilized world”
    An important qualifier. Throwing children into the volcano is nothing new, in the grand scheme of things.
    Unfortunately, it appears that our society is now post-civilized. Where Civilization once was, we now have warring tribes, rule by the whim of the rulers, and superstition running wild.
    And remember: there’s important research being done on rejuvenation treatments. For the Anointed Ones, of course. The blood of infants may be involved, perhaps literally.

    1. I said civilized for a reason. Aztecs who sacrificed children or tribes who threw them in volcanoes are not civilized. We’re going back to the dark ages.

  2. I’m usually easy going and was raised to forgive but not to forget. However, in the case of the DemonKKKrat cult of “Covid,” I’m with Conan the Barbarian: What’s best? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

  3. While we are on this topic..
    I want CDC, FDA, NIH, AAP, AMA disbanded and their “leadership” in prison.
    You can throw FBI, CIA, DHS and Capitol Police in, I do not mind.

    1. Indeed. The charges would be treason and perjury (for working at an unconstitutional entity after swearing to protect and defend the Constitution).

  4. JFC. I feel like I just got done reading the last post of a guy who walked into a Walmart and lit it up this afternoon.

    Holy shit.

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