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13 thoughts on ““I don’t understand why I can’t get rounds on paper.””
  1. Umm….tell us more. But until you do, let me guess. You didn’t push the scope forward before you tightened the scope mount screws….or you didn’t level the scope to the rifle correctly.

      1. Not knowing the brand of scope, I assumed it was a left-handed version–windage turret on the left instead of the right side. Yup, that explains it.

  2. It took me a few seconds of looking then I laughed cause I’ve done the exact same thing more than once. Scopes with an illumination knob especially throw me off.

    Welcome to the club, we’ll get your t-shirt.

  3. What, it’s just a coordinate rotation. C’mon, the trig isn’t even hard when you’re at 90 degrees. 🙂

  4. Yup. I’ve messed up a few installs, but never like that. As I get older, I get smarter. I bore sight at home and then start at 25 yards (my range has a special target berm just for that). If I can’t hit paper in 3 rounds, I stop and start looking for what I did wrong. With ammo prices the way they are, I may have to reduce that to 1 round.

        1. On the other hand, for a new shooter, a “laser round” is a GREAT demonstration / teaching tool for muzzle control.

  5. That is one of the reasons I like my red dots to be co-aligned with my iron sights. Most of the time my iron sites are “close enough” at 25 yards to put rounds on paper and it doesn’t take very long to get them “good enough” Then I turn on the red dot and move the dot so the dot and the iron sights point at exactly the same thing.

    I have thought about some of the laser bore sights but haven’t invested in any yet. Maybe on Eric’s suggestion it might be worth while for some of the calibers I shoot.

    1. I find them useful for rifles; across the length of my basement, I find they work well to get a scope “close enough” to start getting rounds on paper at 50 yards. I put two marks on the wall, one above the other and spaced at the bore-to-scope height. Put the laser dot on the bottom mark, line the scope up on the top mark. That’s not right, per se, but again the goal for me is to get close enough to not waste ammo finding the paper.

  6. Another small nitpick – your front scope mount…looks like it might be torqued down unevenly (gap between upper and lower). Its a PITA for sure, but very small increments are needed, and I’ve had to redo it a few times to make it as close as possible.

  7. I’ve mounted a Leupold 3-9x on my FNFAL exactly like that just to prevent ejection brass strikes on the turret. It’s tricky and you have to think hard on adjustments.

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