Big Boy Revolver .357 Mag/.38 Spl Gunfighter Grip.

Borrowing design cues from its long gun brethren, the Big Boy Revolver touts highly polished blued steel throughout the medium-sized frame, quick-release cylinder, and 4” barrel. In addition, genuine American walnut grip panels are affixed to both sides of a mirror-like brass trigger guard that’s visible around the grip to the top of the backstrap.

Big Boy Revolver | Henry Repeating Arms (

Running an M.S.R. price of $928.00, makes it for a very expensive sidearm. It is accurate as hell, the perceived recoil with defensive loads was meek and joyful, but the disgusting 16 lbs. or even 18 lbs. (We did not have a trigger pull scale that went above 10 lbs. I felt I needed a propane tank scale) double action trigger pull was just atrocious. Single action pull is about 6 lbs. and it is smooth and breaks clean.

I love the look of the revolver and if it was not for the bad double action trigger, I would have said this is a Church Gun out of the box.

I do hope Henry gets that fixed. It is not like Chicago PD or NYPD will issue revolvers with crappy trigger pulls.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “I finally got to shoot the Henry .357 Magnum Revolver.”
  1. Thank the gods for that heavy trigger pull.
    Otherwise I might have some explaining to do when Mrs B. gets back from her trip.

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