This article from NBC News from yesterday:

Viral images show people of color as anti-Asian perpetrators. That misses the big picture.
A new analysis reveals misconceptions about perpetrators, victims, and the general environment around anti-Asian hate incidents. These can have “long-term consequences for racial solidarity,” researcher Janelle Wong said.

While news reports and social media have perpetuated the idea that anti-Asian violence is committed mostly by people of color, a new analysis shows the majority of attackers are white.

See, videos like this are a distraction:

I found some very strong anti-Asian racism from a white man, his name is Hunter Biden.

That’s a grotesque slur.

Maybe you should cover this as an example of extreme anti-Asian racism by a white man.

Do it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “I found one for you NBC, why don’t you cover this?”
  1. First of all, in the “analysis” that the article refers to mostly talks about things other than the race of the perpetrator, they finally get to that in the very last bullet point (#8). They mention two “studies”. The first one was conducted in 2021, but used data from 1992-2014. Hmmm. Could be they were cherry picking to get the numbers they “need”? I’m pretty sure that crime and survey data newer than 7 years old is available somewhere. And what bearing does the data from a decade ago have on today (other than as a reference point for trends)?

    Additionally, this “study” included such heinous “hate crimes” as “shunning”. They even admit that non-violent acts were the majority of the reported “hate crimes” in the statistics. I’m guessing there aren’t a whole lot of trending videos of a white girl refusing to go on a date with an asian, or an asian girl not being invited to a white girl’s party.

    In my experience, a goodly number of non-violent “hate crimes” reported in surveys are a direct result of some overly sensitive person assuming that racism is the cause of all their ills.

    The second “study” was an analysis of media reports. They found that in media reports where the race if the perpetrator was reported, 75% of those perpetrators where white.

    Except one trend I’ve noticed (and many other people have as well) in recent years is that the only time the race of a perpetrator of a crime is actually identified is when that perpetrator is white. If the perpetrator is a minority, the race is simply not mentioned. So an evaluation of news reports is hardly definitive.

    This is nothing more than the political hacks “massaging” information to fit the narrative specifically to provide propaganda for dissemination by the democrat’s PR wing in the media.

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