It was a tiny blip in the news so I missed it, but almost a week ago there was a gunfight in Australia between police and three heavily armed citizens that left six dead.

This morning I saw this story and boy did it hit close to home.

Police shooter Nathaniel Train breached Queensland border in a car carrying weapons months after school resignation

The COVID-19 border breach — along with other evidence that the former school principal potentially broke laws relating to the possession and disposal of weapons during the same incident — was reported to Queensland police less than a year before Train was involved in a deadly shooting that resulted in the deaths of two young police constables.

The revelations raise questions about how much Queensland police knew before they sent four officers to a remote Western Downs property on Monday to follow up a missing person’s report about Nathaniel Train.

Now an ABC investigation has confirmed Nathaniel Train broke through the border gate on the Boongangar Bridge over the Macintyre River to enter Queensland in December 2021, months after his resignation from Walgett Community School.

The state’s land border had opened just days earlier but only to people who were fully vaccinated.

A Queensland farmer in the Goondiwindi region who asked not to be named said he had contacted police about the incident after finding Train on a flooded road near the border.

The farmer said Train had tried to ram his black Toyota LandCruiser through the border gates.

When that failed, the farmer said Train used an angle grinder to cut the padlock on the gates and drive into Queensland.

Train returned to his vehicle to take guns, a bow and arrow and some military-style “Rambo” knives before getting into their vehicle, the farmer said.

The farmer said he found documents near where the vehicle had been, including some that identified him as Nathaniel Train and outlined his work history at a NSW school.

He said he contacted police about the vehicle and the border breach, fearing the car might have been stolen.

Police told him because the vehicle had not been stolen, there was nothing they could do, he said.

So this guy had a bunch of guns and acted violently, it was reported to the police, who politely told the farmer reporting it to fuck off because they were too lazy to check it out.

Then this guy kills a couple of cops in an ambush.

Wow, does this seem familiar.

I guess the Queensland police have been reading from the same training manual as the Broward County Sheriff and FBI.

I feel bad for law abiding Australian gun owners who wear going to get another round of fucking because their cops were too lazy to act on a tip about some crazy fucker dumping guns in a river.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I guess police everywhere are terrible at prevention”
  1. They were probably too busy killing homeless pets.

    Think about the other implications. Border gates locked between provinces of their own country. The Aussies made themselves a prison colony again and they voted themselves into it.

  2. It’s crazy citizen situations such as this one, that provide the level of crisis required to justify more anti-gun laws. The Queensland police added this case to their list of reasons as to why anti-gun laws need to be stricter—leftist never let a severe crisis go to waste and the manual they adhere to mandates adherence to the cause of citizen control via firearms control. This was cheered by the politicians as another righteous reason to tighten the legal noose even more.

  3. Yawn….. same same…. I luv the “aussies voted themselves into a penile colony again” comment. Yup. And as always the “official “ answer- MORE gun control….

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