Every fucking time I see this argument made it says the same thing to me:

“We big Blue states should be in total dominating control of America because of our size and you rural Red states should be crushed under our boot heel.”


If the problem is New York and California aren’t getting enough representation for their population, let’s depopulate them.

Cut off their urban areas from access to food, water, electricity, etc., until their population has been reduced in the Soviet style to a level that matches their level of representation.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I have a fix for this but they won’t like it”
  1. Great idea… its what the liberals want to do to us. I luv it. We could get hollyweird to make another movie, call it “purge, 5.0”..

  2. On the one hand, I understand his gripe – nobody likes paying for freeloaders (with their own money, anyway).
    On the other hand … NY and CA do get (mostly) proportional representation in the House and in terms of electoral college votes. And the system was set up to specifically try to mitigate the potential for tyranny of the majority, aka direct proportionally representative democracy.

    1. The entire point of our system of government, from the very beginning was to eliminate tyranny by the majority.
      How about capping state populations at 2M people. Break NY and CA into a bunch of small states?

    1. You are mistaken. Definitely wrong. Here… try this instead.
      “The man is ignorant.”
      Fixed it.

      1. You made a mistake, you misspelled stupid. Ignorance can be educated, he obviously can’t, so his stupid is forever, to quote Ron White.

  3. Instead of posting crap on the internet, this Kurt guy should be suing his school district for failing to provide the education he so sorely needs.
    First of all, ignoring the US Civics lesson (The house represents the population, the Senate represents the States.) this idiot is ignoring almost all other socio economic factors. Say… state population, average individual income, etc… In fact, if this moron were to actually do the math, he would likely find out that the NY and CAs of the world are actually paying less taxes per person than the folks in AK, ID, UT, etc… (Have not done the math but population plays a HUGE factor in state wide taxation. numbers.)

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