I have to agree, it looks like crap

I’m calling it.

It’s official.

For gun owners, Florida’s next legislative session, which begins in January, is over before it starts.

There will be no campus carry, open carry or anything else this year.

It’s a leadership thing.

 Nothing but doom and gloom coming for Florida gun owners

We were overspent. Bloomberg bought Republicans and they will do as the masters says. Funny in a way since the usual accusation is that the NRA is buying politicians all the time and that is bad, but if the money comes from New York, then it is good that politicians have a price.
Florida is going Blue maybe by the way of fake Red. If Republicans are elected, they will owe it to Bloomberg and his minions so they will be faithful to them. If they are not elected,that means a Democratic legislature that will set us back to 1980 when it comes to guns and self-defense. The only stopper would me making sure Gillum does not become governor or we are royally fucked.

I have been saying it: We need our own Billionaire.

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  1. The primaries are the time to create change. The general is a time to hold onto what you’ve got, even if it isn’t great. There is a difference between regular and lite, even if it’s not all the difference you want.

  2. I hate to say this, as a Florida native, I am ashamed. I blame the state legislature that prevented many counties, in decades gone by, from passing ordinances to prevent growth and new construction. I don’t know about today, but back in the 80’s, there were 1,000 people a day moving to Florida. I blame the Democrat takeover of Florida on snowbirds and transplants, and the legislatures that encouraged them to come.

    In other news, at the Federal level, I encourage you to vote for your local Republican whether you like him/her or not.


    Because your protest non-vote will be unheeded.

    There is a very good reason to vote Republican. The party with the majority sets the agenda. That’s it.

    Republicans, even the best and and most conservative ones, can’t do a damn thing if they are in the minority.

    So, you have to vote Republican (not a protest Libertarian or a non-vote protest), or else the Dems will regain the control in Washington to set the agenda.

    One of the reasons our country is in such a mess is because of decades of Democrat rule in Washington, and decades of liberal control of the Supreme Court.

    Bottom Line: HOLD YOUR NOSE and VOTE REPUBLICAN. If the Dems get control, they will never relinquish it again.

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