The news says that she glued herself to the street with cement.

Cement has very alkaline and is known to cause severe chemical burns.

It is also exothermic as it cures.

She has the potential to really damage her hand with this dumb stunt.

Anyone stupid and ill informed enough to do this isn’t worth listening to.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I hope she didn’t need that hand”
  1. NONE of these “activists “ are worth listening to. They are immature children with zero brains and a giant mouth. Actions have consequences. Its amazing how “educated “ people can be so F’in dumb

    1. Are you trying to say that three masters degrees in hyphenated-American studies does not provide sufficient education in real world situations? How dare you!
      Seriously, in the history of the human race, has anyone ever changed their position on an issue because of a protest? Anyone ever? A politician afraid they might not get re-elected, maybe? No. I do not think a single person has ever said “Oh, I may be wrong on this issue because there are a lot of people over there waving signs…”
      So, if this idiot loses her hand, or has a severe disability, I say “Good.!”

  2. That’s the norm – word spread that using glue was more of a PR-stunt because it does not really adhere to the road so now they’re using quick cement.

    These are stupid entitled brats with no common sense.

    The problem is:
    Blocking the road is a crime.
    In Berlin alone over 1.000 people reported such a crime – but as of now the district attorney has not filed charges in a single case.
    But if you touch them you get charged.

    1. Tired,

      Maybe the police should just proceed more cautiously from now on. Slow their roll. Call in their supervisors, consult with the emergency medical techs, maybe even bring in a doctor to assess the situation? Concentrate on detouring traffic and clearing the backed up traffic. If blocking the road is not a crime your DA wants to prosecute, then it obviously is not a priority to remove the obstruction. Just work around it. Have the police spokesperson hand out the list of 1,000 previous offences.

      Before you remove the obstruction, ask the DA to come see the circus, and have him/her/it explain how this is not a crime worth prosecuting. Give him a PA, so he can explain it to the drivers stuck in traffic too.

  3. Hand them a chisel and a hacksaw. Tell them we are opening the road back up to traffic in 5 minutes. You might be able to chisel the concrete in 10 minutes, but if you really want to get out of the way you can cut through your wrist in 5. Otherwise, your headstone will read “street pizza”.

  4. Personally, I think they should drop a jersey barrier or leave a couple traffic cones shielding the protester, and just walk away. They want to make a statement, give them their 48-72 hours to make it.

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