…but I am still getting shocked about people simply ignoring shit that will kill them. I was told by somebody (in what I am afraid was a voice with a touch of pride/defiance) that he managed had to be taken to the hospital with a blood sugar level just below 1,000.

I blinked hard and bit down my tongue because the individual is a junkie for sweets, and it is not unusual to see him chomping on a pastry or similar. And yes, he is morbidly overweight and breathes with exertion by just breathing. and I know of at least another case similar to his and behaving pretty much in the same manner.

But what really pisses me of is that these people are heading for an early grave through a long hospital stay in which they will bemoan the lack of empathy by me and others… and they would be right. I lived an unhealthy live for almost half my live, but I sort of hit the bottom of the barrel and got a warning serious enough that I decided to improve my health. So, I don’t care if you also lived mainlining Cheetos and twinkies up your arm, if you want to change and truly give it an effort, I can support and applaud you with eagerness, even if you fail and have to try again and again.

Surrendering to cupcakes and slushies because it is comfortable and tasty will be your death sentence in the best of cases, but probably you will be condemned for years to a bed, marinating on your own excrement waiting hours for an underpaid nurse technician to stop texting the boyfriend and come wipe your ass.

Take care of yourselves, please.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “I know I have been harping about health…”

  1. You know, you’re right. Just about every time I started to type something, I realized it was an excuse, not an explanation.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. From the time I was 12 to the age of 50 I could eat five meals a day, consisting of take-out, pizza, rice & beans every way it’s offered, and beer food, and never move the scale past 190 lbs. And at six foot of height, with a ripped build, it never gave me any signs in the negative.
    Then I turned 51, and started putting on weight like it was free. Ballooned out to 240 by the age of 53. Blood pressure through the roof without meds. Could not do drills with an 80 lb. pack and firearm any more without needing long breaks. It was at that time that I decided it was time for a change in life. I was no longer bulletproof.
    I did some research and came up with the 5-5-5 diet. Five 555 calorie meals consisting of 75% protein and 25% healthy carbs, starting at 5 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. No snacks, no refined sugars, nothing with an ingredients list, everything had to be whole foods only. Now, 2775 calories are a lot unless you’re extremely active. Which I am and have always been. Hell, when I went to a bar for a few beers I never sat down—-hate sitting, (Right now I’m standing at my Veridesk with the office chair in the corner).
    But as the beginning of my quest to get back down to 190 or at least below 200 lbs. I did trim back the meals to 400-450 cal. And or upped the protein ration to 85%. Within the first eight months I dropped to 180 lbs. Needed no meds and never got tired, even in August with humidity is through the roof in central Florida.
    Today I am at 205 lbs. and entering my late sixties, and meds free, feeling like I’m 45 yrs. old. Still on the 5-5-5 diet but meals are at 400 cal. with a ratio of 70-30 protein to carbs. I cook all my own foods which consist mainly of Spanish and Italian heritage. I am the Scottish guy who thinks the Spanish and the Italians perfected food the way God intended food to be. And there is not a cooked food on earth that I don’t like.
    I drink quality water which still has all the minerals in it, and grow all my own peppers, about 50 plants of great variety. Love the hottest peppers the world has to offer in my burritos and tacos. Can’t eat most beans however, body doesn’t like them. Lots of foods with red bell peppers, Red Delicious apples, dark pure maple syrup, Gogi berries, Myringa Tree, Avocados, onions, turmeric, garlic and head-high sprouted grain breads only. No GMOs and Gluten. And I get all my meats and fish and eggs from local or instate suppliers.
    And I did start to fall away from my regiment until Miguel shared his incredible weight loss achievement, which inspired me to get back on track. It takes a great deal of discipline to be a health American these days. Thanks Miguel.

  3. I certainly have my weaknesses that I’m working on; those damn 9pm hunger pangs and I do like ice cream… But I am very active at least and dont really drink much alcohol and don’t drink much else than water and coffee. Probably smoke more cigars than I should though but I like to think the 2+ mile walk I’m taking with the dog or the round of golf I’m playing cancels it out 🙂 I realized long ago I was consuming lots of empty calories with soda and many snacks and cut out most of it. Need to start lifting again though…
    I know quite a few people and their enablers who have serious issues that would be greatly alleviated by simply not consuming thing x but they do anyways. And their enablers will always make sure thing x is available for them.
    To many people, food is an addiction and/or one of the few pleasures they have left in life because they can’t do anything else is eat… And usually they get there by eating and not taking care of themselves. It is sad, and I do not want to end up like that.

      1. My overall favorite ever was an Arturo Fuento Opus X. Don’t know the exact year off hand, but I still have the label for that. Lived up and surpassed all the hype for me. I randomly found more in a shop in the Caribbean when going to buy Cubans and ended up buying those instead. Second time around they were good, though nothing ever beats the first 🙂
        My favorite go tos are the Arturo Fuente Hemingway series, I especially like the best seller OR the Kuai Cigar Co Island Prince (been smoking those all summer).
        I tend towards mild to medium body these days. Comacho CT wrapper is a good stand by and I’ve rarely been disappointed by Romeo and Juliets. I also live in CT so there are a couple of local shops that use local CT shade tobacco and roll them right in front of you.
        How about you?

        1. My all-time favorite is Davidoff, Nicaragua or anything Davidoff in my opinion is second to none. Secondly, I’ll light up a Dew Estates Liga Privada No. 9 or T52 or Unico Series. Third, as you mentioned already, Fuente Opus X brands, especially the Lost City and what I consider the standard from them, the Grand Reserve. Then I have two shelves of Montecristo but find myself going to their Nicaraguan and Classic and Monte. Cohiba Connecticut and Nicaragua, and last but nowhere near least the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua, which I consider one of the best $6 sticks out there.

          1. That Romeo Y Julieta is always a crowd pleaser, that is my go to for handing out a box.
            I’ve never been disappointed in a Montecristo either.
            I’ve never really smoke many Davidoff, I’ll have to pick up a few to try. My friends like the Olivias and Kristoffs, but I can’t get into them.
            Never like the Acids either, though I’d like to try an original Kuba Kuba still.

  4. When we approach “old guy age” we begin to see bad habits catch up to us. I discovered last year im type 2 diabetes.. I cut out a couple bad eating habits and manage it without prescription chemicals whose side affects are horrendous..
    My best friend is early 50s and last year was 330 pounds. This year he is under 215.. guys like the above get zero sympathy (its between shiite & syphilis in the dictionary) from me. They are the reason “health care” is ridiculous…

  5. Bigger problem than that out there.
    It is not the individual. I know folks who could definitely afford to lose 100+ pounds who are just doing nothing about it except tossing out excuses. That is one person.
    The big problem is the “fat acceptance” or “body positive” crap that is being rammed down our throats on a daily/hourly basis. Lizzo is not beautiful because of her size, she is an obese land whale who is destined for an early death. But, if you do not celebrate her obesity under the guise of “body positive” you are a bigot deserving of doxxing. Like your job? Declare loudly and often how beautiful a 600 pound singer is.
    This leads the individuals to think they can be healthy at any size. Yes, there are people who can be healthy with extra fat, but pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule. If you need to lose 100 pounds, you are morbidly obese. End of story. (What does morbidly mean again? relating to, or characteristic of disease…)

    1. Its like everything some good intentioned person takes the kernel of truth that you shouldn’t hate yourself our your body and twists it and runs with it to mean don’t do anything to improve yourself.
      There are things that are legit about it like bmi not always being the best indicator and not being super model rail thin does not make you a disgusting fat person. But again twist and run baby. No moderation, context, or look past the surface of it.
      Plus it get all tied in with intersectionality so now it is racist, sexist, and some other type of ist that just totally poisons the well.

  6. By all means harp away. I’ve pointed family member, coworker, and a few friends at Noom by your accounting of it and the ones that stuck to it dropped weight and are keeping it off. One has been able to drop the program but from the healthier habits it helped her build is now keeping up with her first grandchild.

    Living in the first world our health and habits are more likely to kill us than almost anything else. Going to the gym isn’t as postable as shooting with night vision and white light but its going to affect us far far more in our everyday lives.

    Your stories and how you hold yourself accountable have been a big source of motivation and to stop saying I’ll do something tomorrow. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Took the other route – always was a chubby kid and teenager. Reached 220 pounds in my late 20s. Never did much sport but was walking and working a lot.
    Tried dieting but I love foot more than a ripped six pack so I decided: nothing wrong with being heavy as long as it’s muscle.

    So now I’m 240 pounds at 5 feet 10″, my old dress shirt (I only had one) won’t fit around my chest anymore and my knees that have been bugging me all my tweens are no longer a problem.
    All with maybe 10 minutes of training a day – I’m not a bodybuilder. I just don’t want to have trouble moving because my joints won’t support my weight.

    Eating a lot is manageable as long as it’s not junk food or carbs and one remembers that every piece you eat is fuel your body wants to burn.

    The worst part is that not having a slim waist is a loss for 15th century reenactment 😀

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