These people are actual pediatricians.

Is this intended to convince anyone of anything?  Other, perhaps, of finding their kids a new doctor?

It’s time to update a meme:


Also, to the people I’ve seen on social media arguing that only medical doctors should be called “doctor” in public and we PhD’s are not entitled to that privilege…

If these two dipshits get to be called “doctor” after this embarrassing display of ignorance and condescension then SO THE FUCK DO I!

At least I never destroyed the credibility of my profession for likes on a Chinese spying app.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I need to make sure my kids’ pediatricians don’t have TikTok”
    1. Of course.

      But here’s my question that I want medical people to answer me:

      One social media MD who loves to die on the hill of “PhD’s don’t get to be called doctor in public” makes the argument that “what if you’re at a party and someone has a heart attack?”

      Alright. So we’re at a party. Someone grabs their chest and falls over.

      The MD has his cellphone, keys, maybe a flashlight and Swiss Army Knife on him.

      Exactly what can an MD do at a party that is above and beyond what just about any other person with CPR training can do?

      You’re not in a hospital, you have no drugs or medical equipment on you?

      What can an MD do?

      And for that matter, why any MD? This social media user is a Pediatrician. He hasn’t worked on an adult for 20 years. What about a neurologist or gastroenterologist? Sure, every doctor has the basic training but after 10 or 20 years of specialization what can they do about heart attacks?

      Arguably, if the standard for being called a doctor in public is “help in an emergency” then the only MD’s entitled to that are trauma and cardiovascular specialists. I’s go so far to say that by that standard EMTs and ER nurses are more entitled to be called doctor than a dermatologist or even a brain surgeon.

      Tell me how I’m wrong.

  1. Bystander: “I’m a doctor!”

    EMT: “Cool! In what specialty?”

    Bystander: ” Physical medicine and rehab!”

    EMT: “Doctor? I’ma need some shoelaces, boiling water, and a fresh newspaper, please, right stat like!”

    Second Bystander: “But, he’s been shot in the chest!”

    EMT’s Partner: “Shhhh!”

  2. I have 2 masters degrees in biology. I was a fisheries research scientist. I did research on such things as hook and line mortality in catch and release sport fisheries. I DO NOT want to be called a Masters Baiter. My name seems to be just fine.

    I am dumber for having watched that…

  3. That hurt.

    Seriously, that was like watching someone do a parody of a SNL skit making fun of cheerleaders.

    Did these idiots think they were going to resonate with children? Or parents?

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