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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “I seriously hate Walmart sometimes.”
  1. Miggy,

    Put your ammo in your chariot, walk back inside pick up 3 more, and repeat the process. Or have your lovely wife pick up 3 while she is in there. Midern problems require modern solutions, lol. Just don’t start singing in her presence, lol

    1. ^^^ THIS ^^^

      Our local Walmarts (we have three in town) are all ceasing ammo sales. They’re just clearing out their old stock, and all that’s left is a box or two of an odd-ball caliber each. Once those are gone (if ever), the locking case will be removed and replaced with something else.

  2. The rule is in place to stop that one guy who’ll walk in, buy all 50 boxes, and then turn around and try to re-sale them at 3 to 4x markup. And people will pay him. And this crap will continue until a) everyone has a 10,000 round stash in their closet or b) we stop putting up with it and refuse to buy from guys like that. Until then, Wal-Mart and others are trying to cut down on that stuff so that when the rest of us want a box, it might still be there on a shelf.

    This in no way puts down people like us who’ll want to buy 5 or 10 boxes because we plan on going to the gun range and actually shooting it. This is strictly a rant against the guys who, in taking advantage of the situation, also make the situation that much worse.

    1. I like rocky mountain reloading’s answer to this.

      “Until the panic buying is over, our 100% no questions ask refund policy is suspended. If you are buying from us to resale at a profit and you can’t sell them, you get to keep them”

    2. Pretty much this, my Wal-Mart also limits pokemon cards, specifically because people would buy out the whole stock and then sell them online.

  3. There are far better reasons to hate Walmart. Honestly, this is annoying but trivial. How about the fact that they never did anything more than a token apology for their SJW employee tweeting left wing snark around the 6th? There are numerous examples of Walmart Wokesterism. Given their massive privilege in remaining open when competitors were forced to close, I’m not cutting them any slack. Almost all my former Walmart biz now goes to either Tractor Supply, a local independent, or Piggly Wiggly.

  4. Our local dedicated sporting/outdoor goods stores have the same limit. As Don Curton said above, it’s to stop people from buying it all up and gouging the rest of us by reselling it at a 200% markup.

    Sometimes, I think the anti-price-gouging laws that apply to gas stations in emergencies should also be applied to @$$hole ammo resellers (some, like ours, only apply to businesses doing the gouging, not individuals). Granted, it would have to be carefully worded to allow for increasing costs to acquire stock and still earn a profit — it can’t just fix prices at some arbitrary level — but something tells me that most places would jump all over that; Blue cities because they hate gun owners, and Red cities because they hate people who try to take advantage of gun owners. 😉

    Then again, I prefer the free market solution. If someone is price gouging, don’t buy from them, and tell your friends to not buy from them. Make them persona non grata so that they eat the cost of acquiring a product they can’t resell. Besides, shortages happen all the time, and you should already have had a sufficient stock tucked away to get you through it, right?

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