I think Shannon is having marriage issues

It turns out that Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who has been accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts, may be working in Iowa legally.  There is still more to find out about this case.

But since Trump weighed in on this, the Left had to #Resist.

If Trump says immigrant murders are dangerous, the #Resistance has to tell you that they are not.

Which is how we get to this glorious message “ladies, don’t fear immigrants, fear your husbands and boyfriends.”

I guess if I take Shannon and Jessica at face value, ICE should go around breaking up marriages.

Jessica Valenti is a painfully single radical feminist who is going to die alone and childless, forgotten in an apartment full of cats, so I can understand her resentment towards the male gender.  Shannon is married and has kids, so had to add in the “armed” part to distance her perfectly disarmed marriage from the rest of us gun owning husbands who are, according to Shannon, a hair’s breadth from murdering our wives.

The message however is quite clear: “don’t trust the men in your lives.”

That’s pretty awful.  Yet that’s what she’s going with.

I wonder how blatantly insulting relationships and the institution of marriage helps her spread her message.


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  1. At this point the grabbers need to say something, anything, even if it’s stupid, to keep themselves in the awareness of their “followers.”

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