This is my shocked face.

And tell me which Democrat judge in NJ will demand an audit and authentication of those ballots?

Yeah, I thought so.

This fraud is comically transparently but they are going to get away with it.

This is a preview for 2022 and 2024, and maybe even Virginia this year.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “I told you the NJ ballot printer was going to go brrrrr….”
  1. Well, as far as I can ascertain, the Dems have conceded the election of the new Republicans: Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, as well as a new Republican majority in the House of Delegates. There was no vote on state senators this year; the next election for state senators is 2024. But the Virginia senate is relatively weak compared to the House of Delegates.

    On a side note, it looks like the Dems have already given up on regaining the Governorship of Florida!

    New Jersey? Well, I hope some Republicans with deep pockets will call FRAUD and take them to court. At least, we can hope…..

  2. 12,000 Ballots!?!?!?! Twelve Thousand??????

    Sweeney usually won with only 21,000 to 29,000 votes TOTAL. He never got more than 31,045 votes EVER!

    Suddenly they find 12,000 votes? Half of his Usual Vote TOTAL? Are you sure this isn’t the Onion or the Bee?


  3. Finally read the article. 12,000 votes “In Another County.” Not in his district. I bet this was Essex County where they screwed up the Electronic Voting Machines. Sweeney is desperate. He was lazy and complacent. He lost.

    All electronic voting machines need to be destroyed, and replaced by PAPER Ballots.

    1. RD, absolutely. I’ve argued this for years. I’ve been told that in my home state of NH paper ballots are the law.
      It’s not a question of proven fraud; that’s a hard argument to win in the face of biased media. The stronger argument is that the people believe an election is legitimate if they can SEE with their own eyes and judge with their own intellect that it is. So the question isn’t whether ballot machines are secure. As a computer professional with a half century of experience I am very sceptical about their security, but that’s not the argument I make.
      My argument is: why would Joe Sixpack, or my neighbors (nice guys, blue collar workers with no technology education) believe that the vote recorded in an electronic machine is accurate? He can’t see it. He can’t confirm that what is recorded has any connection to what the voters entered on the touch panel.

      NH widely uses machine readable paper ballots — printed forms with circles you fill in with a pen to mark your choice. The scanner (built right into the slot of the ballot box) counts those marks, so you get the totals in minutes after the polls close. But the voter knows exactly what his vote is — it’s right there on the paper. And if a recount is needed, it can be done by humans, with eyeballs — no electronics involved at all. Security and speed and trustworthiness, all in a very simple solution.

      This solution needs to become the law of the land, in every district in every state.

      1. New York (outside of NYC, at least) has paper ballots that are read by machine. So seemingly, if there was an issue, the physical ballots could be removed and counted by hand.

  4. @pkoning: Apparently that isn’t a guarantee either. Weren’t there some shenanigans is Durham last election when there were “problems” with the machines?

    1. For some of the ballots they were folded. The fold went right through one of the circles to be filled in.

      This caused a misread where the machine read that circle as filled in. If no other circles were filled in, that counted as a vote.

      If any other circles were filled in, there were too many and that office was ignored on the ballot.

      Nothing bad. It was discovered and the audit figured it out because NH has all the paper ballots.

      It made a difference this year because of the large number of mail in ballots which were all folded.

      1. I hadn’t heard about this. Sounds like the scanners had a problem that Mark 1 Eyeballs don’t have. That’s precisely my point: if there is any reason to suspect the scan results, ask for a manual recount. Eyeballs won’t be fooled, and poll watchers can easily see that the recount is done properly.

  5. The math doesn’t work. There were only about 62,000 votes in the entire district. And 12,000 votes were overlooked? Even the Dems know how bad this is going to look. I notice that this story seems to have fallen off the radar. I believe he has been told to sit down and shut up and that he’ll get some sort of nice consolation prize.

  6. The ballots were printed overseas and they’ve been delayed in the proverbial “slow boat from China”

  7. I can’t find news of these 12,000 new ballots reported anywhere but on the linked article. If true, then even this establishment rat’s most ardent supporters must understand this is abject fraud.

  8. Just your daily reminder that America will never be free again until all the communists, tyrants, democrats, and subhuman monsters (but I’ve repeated myself thrice) have been dragged out their homes and given what they deserve.

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