By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I wholeheartedly agree, especially in Portland”
  1. I’m sure they’d also be rather enamored with the Carl Gustav recoiless rifle as well. Something more effective than the normal muzzle loading cannon, but able to be carried and used by a two man crew.

  2. Given that the Founding Fathers fully expected private citizens to own fully equipped warships… Yeah, a smallarm like the M60 would have been a complete non-issue for them.

    (The Continental Congress commissioned thirteen frigates for the official Continental Navy. Only eight made it to sea, nearly all of these were captured or sunk by 1781. Contrariwise, the Continental Congress issued 1,697 letters of marque to privately owned vessels.)

    1. I think Letters of Marque were also issued under the Constitution. It certainly, in explicit words, allows for them.

  3. I am good with it.

    Own, and use whatever you want. Under the condition you use those items is a law abiding and responsible manner. Want a machine gun? Sure, why not. A grenade launcher? Cool, can I try it out? A nuclear bomb? Not sure how you would use that in a law abiding and responsible manner, but if you can, great. Go ahead and own one.

    The people who founded this country were extremely wise. They recognized things that, for whatever reason, escape the rest of the population. Things like, people (individuals) can be smart and reasonable. They are capable of taking care of themselves, and with even a minimal amount of education, they can do the right thing most of the time.

    And, they were able to discriminate between the tool, and the individual wielding the tool. A trait that has been, sadly, lost over the last two centuries.

    1. I’m positive that you could give every CCW permit holder in America a machine gun and 1,000 rounds of ammo and there would be no increase in homicides.

      1. Smiles will go up 1000% though.

        I would like to have a Thompson, please. Something about the style.

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