She sees someone in public she doesn’t know without a particular piece of cloth on their body and instantly jumps to conclusions about how awful and subhuman they are and that they are a threat to her.

I wonder if this is how Germans felt when they saw someone in public they didn’t know without a particular piece of cloth on their body.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I wonder if this is how the Germans felt”
  1. A question that immediately popped into a whole bunch of heads when the latest directive came down “no more masks if you’re vaccinated” is “how can that be enforced?”

    The right answer is that, if you’re vaccinated, you’re safe around other people. Those others can wear masks or not as they see fit. If they don’t, but aren’t vaccinated, that is not any problem for you (since you’re vaccinated). It might be a problem for them, but so what? There is no enforcement issue since the only person who could (possibly) be harmed by a lie is the person doing the lying.

  2. I have occasionally commented here about how my mother is as far left as you can get. How she hoped and prayed every day Trump would die and she believes that everyone who voted for Trump are subhuman animals and need to be re-educated if not killed which turns awkward when her own son is the thing that she despises most. How she watches MSNBC literally 10 hours a day. This is her favorite person. There are two people on MSNBC that she always tries to watch. This cunt is one of them. She believes everything Rachel Maddow says without question. I asked her the other day when was the last time you disagreed or question anything she ever said ever. My mother has been watching this cunt religiously since 2008. She said never.

    I despise Rachel Maddow. I fucking hate her. Words cannot describe how much I hate her. She could literally die of cardiac arrest on set or someone could barge into her studio and fucking shoot her in the head or stab her to death live on air and I would not care. I would probably be happier then when I found out bin Laden was killed. She was the poison that turned my mother into what she is now. She ruined my mother.

    I bet you can sense a lot of seething rage towards this cunt coming from me.

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