Years ago I wrote this post:

The difference between Americans and Venezuelans (hopefully)

It was in response to this picture from an article about the Communist famine in Venezuela.


At the time, I quoted a friend of mine who sent me the article:

“Please, tell me they failed because they didn’t try socialism hard enough. Because, God knows, if that were my daughter or wife, I’d wage a crusade against that regime that would be written about for hundreds of years.”

I agreed.

I never thought I’d see the same happen in America.

I was wrong.

Parents find remains of teen son hugging dead dog in Maui home destroyed by wildfire

Grieving parents found the body of their 14-year-old adopted son hugging his dead dog after the Maui wildfires — then carried him around half a mile to a police station to be confirmed among the dead.

Schoolboy Keyiro Fuentes had been home alone enjoying his last day of summer break when the deadliest US wildfires in a century started overwhelming his neighborhood in Lahaina, his mother, Luz Vargas, told CBS News.

The mom was working five miles away at the time — and unable to get home when she saw the smoke, despite begging cops to let her through their barriers.

When she and the rest of her family managed to search their home two days later, they found Keyiro’s charred body wrapped around his dead dog, the sobbing mom told CBS.

The family then wrapped Keyiro’s body in a tarp, carrying the remains half a mile to the nearest police station.

I am telling you right now: If my children are in harm’s way, and you try and stop me from getting to them, I will kill you and run your barricade.

If the government caused my children to die in a fire, I promise you, the result will be war.

The entire local government of Maui deserves to be forced onto their knees in front of a ditch.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “I would be violent”
  1. I saw a video of a cop blocking a road and trapping people in thier cars, “Im just following orders “…. Im thinking 200 pound cop,5700 pound truck, whump! “excuse me, coming thru”… then again Hawaii is chock full of F’in liberals and they voted in democratic gubmint… sad how sheep like America has become. And Americans pay the price..

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