I did not watch the Democrat Primary Debate last night.

Watching a Democrat Primary ranks somewhere between watching the Oscars and waking up during an abdominal surgery with no pain killers (ask me how I know).

I figured that anything important would be available today in digestible snippets and I was not disappointed.

Apparently, the theme of the DNC debate was “kill Bloomberg.”  I can appreciate that, considering that it’s clear the DNC muckety-mucks have read the tea leaves that Bernie and Sanders would lose to Trump in a general election so need an alternative, and the DNC candidates that followed the rules from the beginning don’t want to be supplanted by a ringer.

The best of the Sucktastic Four going after Bloomberg like Caesar in Act III, Scene I was two gut punches from Elizabeth Warren.

First this:

Then this:


God damn!  Bloomberg really is a misogynist piece of shit who loves to abuse and harass women, and makes them sign NDAs to cover his ass.

Mayor Prince Andrew Epstein Weinstein of New York for President.

And Elizabeth Warren is a woman and you know, #BelieveAllWomen.

This was the greatest gift that could have been handed to the NRA and gun rights activists.

From now on, every cent of Bloomberg’s money and activism by association is tainted with sexual impropriety.

Shannon Watts takes money from a misogynist who is sexually inappropriate with women.

So does David Hogg.  Hogg is Woke, so rubbing his nose in his sugar daddy Bloomberg’s behavior will be twice as fun.  Make him square that circle.

I know they will shrug it off because it’s not about what they did, it’s about the political alignment of who was doing it.  But that only works for the true believers.

Bloomberg’s anti-gun money comes from the same pot as his harassed woman hush fund, and it’s all dirty now.

Thank you Elizabeth Warren.  It will be fun to hound Bloomberg out of the gun-control game with #MeToo.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I would like to thank Elizabeth Warren for her donation to the NRA”
  1. Personally, I suspect that Dems who are sufficiently cozy with Warren and/or Biden are going to find themselves up against suspiciously well-funded primary challengers later this year.

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