12 Replies to “If a red MAGA cap drives Liberals mad…”

  1. doctorglock – I checked the link – not quite the same and a bit pricey – someone needs to come up with a decal/sticker with a similar message – I suspect a lot of us would buy those for a fair price.
    Edited to add: make them in bright RED to really stand out!

    1. Lancer Systems occasionally does a run of their L5 magazines in translucent colors … red, purple, green iirc. But not all at the same time, necessarily.

      GunMagWarehouse usually stocks these when they’re in. They don’t last long though, and they’re about out of the most recent batch of red 10/30s. (30 rnd mag profile, internally limited to 10 rnds.) The “normal” 30-rounders in red are already sold out.

      1. Tim,
        I am selling them for $25 each plus shipping of $8 for up to 3 mags. We are accepting PayPal for payments. Tc499@aol.com is the PayPal account. Feel free to email us at the same address for more information. Also, see our other designs on our Facebook page Clayton’s hunting and indoor range. Thank you

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