If Florida looks like crap, the whole nation looks like a sewer

Miguel’s post I have to agree, it looks like crap put me a bad mood.

I don’t live in Florida anymore, but I’m still a Florida boy at heart, and to watch my birth-state slowly turn into East California is killing me.

More than that, the big picture is bad beyond words.

What reversed the course of of the Gunshine state from a leader in gun rights to restricting gun purchases for people under 21, bump stock bans, and everything else?

One word: Parkland.

The Parkland shooting is the fault of Broward County Democrats directly, and national Democrats indirectly.  They fully own the culpability for it.  Nikolas Cruz was a problem child.  Like just about every school shooter before him, he announced his intentions well in advance.  His behavioral problems were on record.  He was well known to the Broward County Sheriff’s office.

He was never adequately dealt with.  Why?

President Barack Obama spoke out about the “school to prison pipeline.”  Rather than recognize the reality that there are bad kids raised in bad home and that juvenile bad behavior is a predictor of adult criminality, the claim was disciplining kids in school turns them into criminals.

This is no different than the illogic on self esteem.  An entire generation of kids was raised on the idea that high self esteem leads to better test scores instead of high test scores lead to high self esteem.  Now that generation of kids is full of entitled douchebags who riot on campus and scream at administrators when they don’t get their way all the time with every petulant demand.

The have reversed cause and effect and the results are terrible.

Broward County Schools instituted the Promise Program to avoid punishing these problem kids.  They fudged the paperwork to make everything seem better than it was.  Then one of their Promise Program kids kills 17 students at his former schools and this disaster comes to the national spotlight.

This is on top of the massive failure of leadership of the Broward County Sheriff, Scot Israel, and the total failure of his deputies to be anything but self serving cowards, just like their boss.

But Scot Israel shook Hillary’s hand and is stumping for a Progressive Socialist for governor, so his sins are ignored.

The result of the absolute, abject failure of totally Democrat controlled institutions is to blame the Republicans and the NRA and make law abiding gun owners pay with their civil rights.

Now, over to the other side of the country in California.

San Francisco is an open air sewer.  It has turned into Bangladesh with hordes of homeless shitting in the streets.  You can’t ride on a city bus without the risk of sitting on a disease infected needle from some junkie.  Addicts are shooting up and dying in public transportation and the police ignore it.  Illegal immigrants are raping, shooting, and driving drunk and killing US citizens and California residents.

San Francisco has over 30,000 car break ins per year.  Inside Edition staged a bait car on video to catch a break in.  As soon as the reporters left to interview the bait car thieves, their crew truck was broken into and their camera gear stolen.  No bullshit.  That is the kind of thing that happens in dystopian sci-fi hellscapes or third world shit-holes.  Not the US.  Except in San Francisco.

So how has San Francisco responded to this disaster?

They hand out 4.45 million needles each year to junkies to try and stop the spread of disease.  Those needles get left on the ground.

They spend $37,000 per year per homeless person.  Since this only to attracts more homeless, they deal with this by spending $29 million more.

They reward the criminal illegal aliens with sanctuary status, free tuition, free healthcare, and voting rights.

The law abiding citizens of San Francisco are left to pay for this mess with some of the highest taxes and cost of living in the country, an ever decreasing quality of life, and having to replace car windows six times in a year.

This is he result of the absolute, abject failure of totally Democrat controlled institutions.

Detroit turned into a destitute shit hole? The result of the absolute, abject failure of totally Democrat controlled institutions.

Chicago having hundreds of homicides and thousands of shootings in a year? The result of the absolute, abject failure of totally Democrat controlled institutions.

The list goes on, and he good people are left to pay for it all with money and rights.

This is what Ronald Reagan warned us about in A Time for Choosing.

“The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.”

The Soviet Union executed its citizens for treason by the tens of thousands.

The first law of big government is “big government is never wrong.”

When the plans of the bureaucrats failed, it was never a time for introspection, where the bureaucrats try and figure out why their plans failed.  No, clearly the people who failed to make quota were saboteurs and traitors who failed to make quota because they were trying to undermine the party.

That the rains didn’t fall and a drought blighted the crops was never considered, the farmer who failed to grow an impossible number of potatoes was a traitor.

The punishment for this was firing squad or gulag.

As an engineer, this always frightened me.  I was taught by professors who came from former Soviet Bloc countries.  By the time they became engineers and scientists, things had mellowed, but during the height of Stalin and the nuclear arms race, it was terrible.  A bureaucrat would make an impossible demand.  If there were any set backs or the time table couldn’t me made – things happen in R&D, nothing goes exactly as planned – a bureaucrat would have a scientist shot in the back of the head to motivate the others to work harder.

This is the inevitable results of the first law of big government.  Eventually when the plans can’t stop failing, people have to pay with their freedom and lives.

With the unstoppable one party rule of California, and the advancement of the Democrats in Florida, where will this end?

We are seeing how the Democrat policies fail every single time and all they do is throw more money and more goverment at the problem, for it to only fail bigger next time.

This is the big picture.

How many rights do Americans have to lose as punishment for Democrat failures and when does it stop.



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  1. It was exactly the same thing in CT after Sandy Hook. To paraphrase the report about lanza: we knew about him, all the appropriate institutions knew about him, we all failed to act but that is not to be construed as an admission of guilt or responsibility. It was that he had access to guns that caused this to happen.

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