He was unconscious for more than a minute.

Any loss of consciousness for more than a few seconds is indication of CNS trauma.

The woman recording was laughing like it’s funny.

The cops were utterly fucking useless in the face of, at the very minimum, attempted murder.

That’s not a joke, his brain is swelling inside his skull as people stand around and pat his hand.

That is potentially very lethal.

To not let people you are having an argument with get close to you.

And don’t expect the police to protect you.

You might end up bleeding in the brain on the pavement.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “If is survives he’ll never be the same again, one punch caught on video”
  1. And they immediately start lying to the police. “I don’t know what happened. He just fell on the ground”.

  2. Those cops just stood around. Didn’t arrest anyone, showed no interest in even finding out what happened. On top of that, they didn’t render first aid — the only aid provided to the victim was by civilian bystanders.

    Why the HELL do those cops exist at all? What justifies their miserable existence and their parasitic habits? Why should they ever get a pay check in their life? “Officers” like that are a walking, breathing justification for Defund the Police.

    Do your duty. If your superiors object, publicly shame them. If all else fails, resign and move to a civilized town. But this is utterly and completely inexcusable.

  3. Let me remind all of you whiteys. You must reject your culture, heritage, and skin color. Be less white. Adopt the culture of the fine upstanding individuals in this video who are struggling for acceptance.

  4. 1. Never participate in the blustering.
    2. Once it starts nearby, break contact and get your butt out of the central conflict area.
    3. Be prepared to unholster and defend your buffer zone until you can establish sufficient distance from the threat.
    4. Get out of the area!

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