Trump is meeting with Putin.

Or to put it another way the heads of state of the United States and Russia are having a pre-planned meeting in the capital of a neutral third country.

According to the unhinged Left, this is treason.

This kind of meeting is nothing new.  I was a baby when it happened but even Ronald Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Then again, these people probably said that was treason too.

Clearly, these people have lose their shit.

But just for a minute, let’s humor them.

Say that they are right.  Trump is in Putin’s pocket.

Trump has lowered our taxes and deregulated some of the economy, which is now booming.  The unemployment numbers are so good that they New York Times ran out of words to describe it.*  Minority unemployment is at record lows.  The Trump economy is seeing record wage increases.

Trump got our allies in NATO to promise to boost their spending on defense.

The Russian economy is floundering, growing at an Obama-economy rate, partially because Trump is squeezing Russia’s balls.  Russia also hit a record low birth rate which is an indicator of just how bad it is for the people there (the country has fallen to such shit that Russians have given up on fucking).

So Trump has strengthened the American economy and is increasing the defensive capabilities of NATO while Russia goes into slow collapse.

What does Russia get out of any of this?

If Trump was a Russian puppet, shouldn’t the Russian economy be growing and the US economy sinking.

If I were a Russian puppet, I’d turn off American oil wells and buy oil from Russia.  Not expanding US drilling which undercuts Russian oil prices.

So if Trump really did conspire with Putin to win the election and is selling out America, what is the bad and when is going to hit?

If this is the effect of being bought by Russia, Obama should have sold out on day one.  We would have done better.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “If it is, when does the bad happen?”
  1. Not to mention Trump ordered missile attacks on Syria (that Obama wouldn’t) over the objections of the Russians. Trump also sent lethal military aid to Ukraine (again that Obama wouldn’t). Yeah, he’s really owned by Putin.

  2. The fact that Brennan is saying these things reflects very badly on his tenure as CIA head. It’s a miracle the CIA functions even slightly after having such a sack of shit for a boss.

  3. My mom will say it’s a long game. That this is all an illusion and everything will come crashing down. Like bill Maher her hatred of Trump has made her secretly desire the collapse of the economy so it would hurt Trump. I actually straight asked her if she wanted a massive great depression worse than we have ever seen before to hurt Trump. She said it’s going to happen. She would not give me a straight yes or no answer. That is the level of insanity that were dealing with. But then again leftists do not live in the same reality we do. They live in some kind of Bizaro world where everything sucks. And to make things better everything must suck more, i.e. the complete destruction of this country.

    But what would you expect from someone who only watches MSNBC to get all the political news?

    1. Shawn,
      Again you have my condolences on your Mother’s state of mind. Yet it is very insightful when you relay the comments that she makes and the Bizarro world that she lives in. If I did not know that these things were true, I might believe that you are making them up. But I know them to be true, I have heard too many stories and read too many anecdotes to believe otherwise. I have heard of mass delusion before. I have heard of “the big Lie” a la Goebbles.
      (For those who haven’t heard, this powerful and persuasive Propaganda Minister said something on the lines of, “if you tell a Big Lie loud enough and often enough, it becomes the Truth.” [Not sure if that is the exact quote, but I’m in a hurry])
      So, apparently, MSNBC has gone full propaganda and only spouts the Big Lie to the masses that watch that crap, and your Mother, (and who-knows-how-many thousands of others) has fallen for the Big Lie, hook, line, and sinker.
      And the sad thing is, they are protected by the First Amendment.
      The only antidote is to keep shining the Bright Light of Truth as much as possible, to catch the intended victims before they fall prey to the Big Lie.

      Maybe, just maybe, you can slowly and delicately cure your Mother. It has to be subtle. If you just rant, “Mom, those guys are idiots!”, she will just double down and put you in the camp of the Reactionaries.
      I don’t have any better advice than to be slow and delicate, and point out minor inconsistencies in the Big Lie, without belaboring the point, and let it percolate in her brain.
      And maybe there might be a mysterious glitch in the cable TV for a week?

  4. Under Trump, the US military about wiped out a unit of Russian “mercenaries” who are some of Putin’s favorite fixers.

    Brennan hates Russia because Russia has rejected both of his faiths: communism and Islam.

  5. I remember the Reykjavik Summit. Reagan told the Soviets “If an agreement is not to the benefit of the United States, then there will be no agreement.”

    The Soviets were shocked, and the leftist Democrats collectively lost their minds: Reagan was insane, Reagan wanted war, Reagan betrayed the country, the whole works.

    And how’d that work out?

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