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Then there was my post from yesterday about groomer teachers in California.

This is well past coincidence.

We must agree that this is a conspiracy.

It is deliberate that the ranks of our schools are being filled with the worst type of gender non-conforming weirdos who spend countless hours teaching kids about gender nonsense and pronouns.

It is purposeful and malicious.

The long walk through our institutions of primary and secondary education has been carried out by groomers.

Of anything, Youngkin didn’t go nearly far enough.

We don’t just need laws banning teaching CRT.

We must make absolutely sure that these people are purged from our schools and their like are never allowed back in.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “If twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action, what do you call this?”
  1. I hate paying for it, especially because we live in an area that is “the best” school area to be zone for (read that as: highest property taxes in the area, over double what our unincorporated county land neighbors pay), but shit like this makes me want to keep our kid in the private Christian school that’s 15 miles away vs. the government school that’s 2 miles from the house.

    I don’t agree with some of what they do (seems to be a good be of a very Bible Belt, “We don’t like sex because it might lead to dancing and jazz music,” vibe that can be a bit over the top and a few issues that I took with some of their Covidiocy crap in 2020), but compared to the crap that I’ve seen at the government schools I don’t feel upset about our decision. The school was one of the first schools back in person, they’ve eschewed the Fauxi Face Diapers, and they’ve largely returned back to normal. The school welcomes parental involvement and generally has a very good atmosphere.

    Compared to the government schools either “going virtual” frequently or hearing the local teachers complain about “being babysitters” because the superintendent doesn’t want to go to virtual for the entire winter because our area is largely made up of households that are two working parents who are transplants from elsewhere with no family in the area.

    Ideally, I’d be in a position to homeschool. But at least we’re not (too) wrapped up in the government indoctrination camps.

  2. I think Hanlon’s Razor applies here:
    “Never Attribute to Malice That Which is Adequately Explained by Stupidity”

    This is more human’s acting like idiots, not really a conspiracy.

    In my opinion, this is chasing social media likes by people who are just “wearing the team colors” because the local sportsball team is in the playoffs. Unfortunately, this is not just some harmless fun. (TikTok Challenge of the day…”

    The very real and extremely harmful outcome of this is the destruction of children. No child alive has not “been a _______” because it was cool, or because mom is like that, or because a friends dad is fill in the blank. They want to be a cowboy, or a ballerina, or whatever. So, parents buy them a costume, and they play, and it is harmless.

    What these people are doing is not play acting. They are causing serious psychological issues, and most likely driving children toward suicide at a later date. But, in their minds… they are saving these kids. They are helping these children to discover their true self, or the true self the teacher wants them to discover.

    1. This is one of the reasons that no reputable medical professional would ever diagnose gender dysphoria in a prepubescent child.

  3. When the left finally forces the switch to the “on” position, there will be, uh, real trouble. From vaxxers who want you dead, teachers that want sex from your kids, govt that inflates your life’s earnings to nothing and on and on. In my time, not my kids I pray.

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