If you are ever in danger, just call the cops.

A case from the formerly great Britain.

From the article:

 A woman found stabbed to death in Solihull was on the phone to officers when she was attacked, police believe.
West Midlands Police yesterday named Janbaz Tarin as the suspect they are seeking in connection with the murder of his ex-partner Raneem Oudeh and her mother Khaola Saleem, 49.
The mum and daughter were found with fatal stab wounds outside an address in Northdown Road on Sunday night.
Police said they were in contact with Raneem, 22, that evening, before she was found stabbed to death alongside her mother in the early hours of Monday morning.

Do remember that knives are verboten in Jolly Old England and so is murder. However, she did as she was told: Call the cops. At least she left good evidence of her death behind.

Justice will be served… The life of innocents? Not so much.

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2 Replies to “If you are ever in danger, just call the cops.”

  1. Thank goodness that the suspected serial killer didn’t use a gun, so it won’t skew the lib’s statistics on “gun violence.” Also it must have been toxic masculinity, no connection to a certain religion that must not be named. Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. Gee, who would have guessed that it doesn’t do much good to call the police when you’re being attacked? But if she had had a gun and used it, they would have thrown HER in jail. Kind of a can’t win situation, wasn’t it?

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