If you can’t beat them on Kavanaugh…

I’d like to announce I am representing a woman who wishes to remain anonymous in allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh from when she knew him in high school.

She has signed a sworn statement that she is aware that Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge ran a satanic rape cult in Montgomery County, Maryland.

These boys would rape girls with the intent of getting them pregnant so that had ready access to babies for canabalistic human sacrifice rituals.

Furthermore, this woman will attest that she heard a young Brett Kavanaugh announce his plans to become a Supreme Court Justice in order to overturn Roe v Wade for the purpose of advancing his satanic baby eating rituals.

My client is not willing to testify or meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee, but is willing to sign a book deal for the details of her story.

If you are interested please email me through this site and sign a check for $2 Million made out to cash with “Kavanaugh baby eating book” in the note section.

Thank you for respecting my client’s privacy.

4 Replies to “If you can’t beat them on Kavanaugh…”

  1. This is rapidly approaching the status of “train wreck horror show”, something that is awful and disheartening but so dreadfully unusual that you simply cannot look away.

    Much obliged for the laugh at the end of the day, it was sorely needed 🙂

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