I wonder if this is related to the Biden Administration throwing away all of our achievements in the Middle East relegating all our troops’ sacrifices to nothing, clearly protecting highly partisan incompetents to honorable officers, telling career military that they will be discharged under less than honorable conditions if they don’t take the Coof shot, attacking patriotic military personnel as white supremacists, or some combination of all of thee above.

Imagine being a soldier from working-class Middle America.  You sign up after 9/11 out of a love of country.  You become career military.

All of a sudden your Commander in Chief loses the war you fought and lost friends in, your Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says you are a threat because of the color of your skin, your unconscious biases, and white rage, and if you don’t get the Fauci Ouchi, the last decade or more if your service and any retirement or veteran benefits with it are forfeit.

Yeah, I thought so.

If you know a veteran suffering right now, reach out to them.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “If you know a veteran of the GWOT, reach out to them and make sure they’re okay”
  1. I wear a bracelet that says 22 a day, but I found out about 2 months ago that during covid that increased 30%. By my math that brings it up to 28 a day.

  2. You know what really ought to help with this? Giving tens of thousands of military members dishonorable discharges for refusing the Covid shot and destroying any prospect of a future they have. Yep, that will bring the suicide rate down in a hurry.

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