This Tweet is still live and active after more than 43 hours:

The screen shot for perpetuity:

You know this has been reported to Twitter and they don’t care.

It’s fine to openly call for the mob to murder an 18-year-old on the Right but you and I would get kicked off for not referring to a male rapist with pink hair in a dress as “she.”


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “If you want to know how biased the system is”
  1. So does this mean that it’s open season on J.Chrles and his fellow travelers? Do I need to get a permit or will it be a free shoot? Any bonus points for its family?
    Asking for his neighbors.

  2. Not surprised. The first axiom of politics is always in play.

    Besides, Rittenhouse was not exactly a Trumpster White Supremacist, but he made the mistake of offing two who were further left than he was. So, therefore, death is warranted in the minds of the people who want a massive central government.

  3. Another idiot who feels safe to say whatever he wants behind a keyboard. J Chlres…how about you try to do what you are asking some random person to do? I’m gonna guess you aren’t man enough to back up your comments.

  4. Just your daily reminder that the only good progressive is a progressive who’s kneeling in the street with a gasoline soaked tire around their neck.

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