I have been covering the Sam Brinton story for a while.

And every time I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

Biden’s married, non-binary nuclear waste guru who stole woman’s $2,325 bag from airport hosted SPANKING seminar at kink conference just weeks later – under ‘NuclearNerd’ nickname that’s still in use on fetish hookup website

The Biden administration’s non-binary nuclear waste guru was a presenter at a fetish conference in LA, weeks after admitting stealing a woman’s suitcase at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Last Saturday, Sam Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, who could be facing five years in prison for the bag theft, presented a seminar titled: ‘Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry.’

The seminar was held at Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, where Brinton, 34, stayed on Friday and Saturday night. The event was titled: ‘LA Leather Getaway’ and was sponsored by CLAW Corp., a national leather charity.

Brinton, who presented at the event under the pseudonym, NuclearNerd, has been teaching their ‘Physics of Kink’ class at universities and community events ‘across the country for years,’ according to their profile on CLAW’s website.

The bio goes on to say: ‘They have been active in the kink world since 2013, host monthly kink parties in their dungeon in Washington, DC, and estimate they have spanked over 2,000 cute butts.’

Brinton is listed in CLAW’s 2019 year book under the name Sir Sam Brinton where they taught a class on the ‘Newtonian physics of spanking.’ They added: ‘Physics is a pivotal part of the kink experience.’ They were pictured at the event in 2021 as well.

This floored me.

He is still doing fetish shit.

I knew he had done it before becoming an SES.  I didn’t realize he was still doing it.

Imagine if a general in the military was making an OnlyFans.

It’s the same thing.

The government has pretty strict rules on what moonlighting officials can do.

Apparently when it comes to high ranking DOE officials with a Q Clearance, what is allowed included public fetish spanking, as long as the official is a non-binary, trans, kink identity.

What I didn’t originally consider was this aspect from an incredible Twitter thread (unrolled).


This should be a massive public safety concern, given his important position in the US Dept. of Energy, with the highest of clearance levels. This has moved beyond a “private matter,” to one that has the potential of placing the public in danger (via blackmail), and women at risk

As a forensic specialist working w/ the full continuum of sexually deviant men, many of whom have criminally offended, become sexual predators & white collar sexual psychopaths, this story is too important for trolls to be blocking my professional concerns re. this man.

The public needs to understand that this sexual deviant did NOT accidentally pick up the wrong suitcase, as he checked no bags on the flight. This was likely a targeted attempt at gaining access to a woman’s underwear. This is what the Biden Admin desperately wants to keep quiet.

Given this man holds a very important position of public trust in the US Dept. of Energy, which requires high level security clearance, this is now a national security concern, given this sexual deviant has shown behaviors that sexual predators exhibit, just before harming women.

Having worked w/ sexual deviants in an intensive clinical capacity for nearly 15 years, 11+ years w/in prison conducting Sex Offender Treatment, overseen treatment of Sexually Violent Predators for one of the PA Dept. of Correction’s specialized units, this has serious red flags

With nearly 13K clinical contact hrs, over 14+ years, working in a clinical capacity with men who sexually offend… with men who’ve done very deviant and heinous things to women and children… I can assure you that, once you see a man steal female items, it’s really serious.

For public safety, and for the safety of women and children, we need to know how long has this sexually deviant man ben stealing women’s underwear, prior to getting a high security clearance in the US DOE, and since, and do enemies have blackmail material on him. This is serious!

Given that this sexually deviant man has finally been caught stealing a woman’s suitcase, containing women’s underwear and possible identity, this must be viewed as a serious national security issues, and a danger for women and children, as such men’s porn changes their brains.

When Sam Brinton, removed the woman’s luggage tag, was he intending to also do a search of her online, given he had access to a lot of computer IT people? Diid he look her up online? Did he do things with her underwear while envisioning her? This is very dangerous behavior!

Once a man descends into the degree of sexual deviance to which Sam Brinton has, then, as a professional who has worked with men who’ve offended, I wonder did he actually stalk this woman, having seen her check her bag in before the flight? This is now a public safety concern.

Notice the degree of sophistication of Sam Brinton’s impression management, spin, deflection, and brazen bold-faced lying? This is so classic of men who’ve crossed such sexual lines, as they descend into the realm of sexual psychopathy, w/ no conscience, no empathy, no remorse.

Given what we now know about the level of twisted porn-fueled sexual perversion and deviance that resides within Sam Brinton, and how he gives evidence of being a possible sexual threat, the fact that he was not vetted has placed the public at risk, considering his background.

I had not considered that this was a case of a pervert who was engaged in predatory sexual behavior.

But thrn there is this quote from the above Daily Mail article:

‘Proud Sir and lover of my long term submissive and husband boundand – love to keep him tied up and ready to be used as needed.’

Brinton goes on: ‘I am sadistic but will always respect limits and am happy to push them as you need. Bondage and control are my fortes… Flogging, chastity, fisting, electro… I’ve done them all and will happily put a guy through them. My passion for kink comes through getting a guy to a fun submissive head space.’

That is aggressive and violent sexual sadism.

Did Brinton steal this woman’s clothes, not for the monetary value but out if some sadistic sexual practice?

Considering that he’s spent more time as a DOE SES at kink and LGBT events than nuclear energy events, it might be.

The level of degeneracy we have in thr highest ranks of government is beyond sickening.  It’s evil.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I’m actually shocked at the degeneracy in our government”
  1. It is what happens when virtue signaling is elevated above reason. When you hire someone because of what they are, not what they do.
    And, people like Brinton can get away with it because policy dictates that “it is private” or whatever, and policy is a good substitute for thinking. Especially in government work.

  2. I’ve held a DOE “Q” (top secret) clearance a few times during my career. Ignoring for the moment the potential fetish aspect and implications for sexual violence of Brinton’s crime, If I had admitted to stealing a bag worth over $2000 (felony) my access to classified information would have been terminated immediately. Actual termination of the clearance may have to wait until being convicted. Hell, ordinary people have lost their clearance over a DUI conviction. Without access to classified information, Brinton cannot do his job.

  3. The level of degeneracy we have in thr highest ranks of government is beyond sickening. It’s evil.

    Took you a while to figure this out? It’s been blatant since ted kennedy.

  4. Obama is high fiving his wife Michael Robinson right now, in celebration of fundamentally transforming the greatest nation on earth…into an immoral abomination.

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