We assume (correctly) that we on the Right are going to be the victims of abused Red Flag laws.

Radical gun-toting queer/trans Left is a weird rabbit hole to fall down, but they exist and they are training because they want to kill you.

They make that very clear.

Is there a reason our side has decided that in our dislike of Red Flag laws we refuse to use them to our advantage?

Yes, I know what you are going to say, the system is biased against us.

In some areas, yes it is.  In other areas it’s not.  And how will we know until we try?

And sometimes saturating the system is enough, like a Red Flag DDOS.

A weapon has been laid down for anyone to pick up.

Are we so stuck on principles that we won’t pick it up and use it against people who would use it against us with alacrity?

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By J. Kb

One thought on “I’m beginning to see the upside of Red Flag laws”
  1. I am willing to train anyone who doesn’t want to kill me. Thus, this guy would be ejected after said antifa reveal.

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