Who would ever believe that a Rabbi with a blowtorch making a home kosher would go viral. Do not worry he is a trained professional, and just like you would not think twice about the guy who eats fire, juggles fire, jumps through fire, or is a stuntman in cars that blow up with fire , know that he trained with years of experience in Kosherizing kitchens and utensils. 28 years worth of experience in Koshering Kitchens including commercial kitchens, hotels, vacation homes and newly purchased homes. The only home that does not need ro be made kosher is one with a brand new kitchen that has not yet been touched by other food. This is obviously a several hour process and this reel was after everything was complete. It just touches upon the absolute “coolness” in going Kosher. #rabbis #rabbisoftiktok #rabbisofinstagram #kosher #kosherfood #viral #myhusband

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I’m buying a flame thrower”
  1. Me and my buddy are building them. Super high quality stuff. AND y’all should know- flame throwers DONT come under the NFA, they are not a class II or III item… so lets all do the happy dance together!! I want to build one that has a tanker truck following me… bbwwahahahaha

  2. Then get a flame thrower, that thing is simply a brush burner to clear out the nooks and crannies.

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