I have spent my adult live advocating for the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Then the Libertarian “2A absolutists” have to show up with the sorts of positions that will ruin it for everyone.


Frankly, I’m fine with violent offenders not having their gun or voting rights automatically restored. Given that “Within three years of their release, two out of three former prisoners are rearrested and more than 50% are incarcerated again.”

I just can’t believe that…

“I think that convicted rapists and suicidal crack heads should be able to buy guns while lying on the background check.”

Is a winning message, or a reasonable position.

Other than taking pride in their absolutist nature, what do these people hope to accomplish?

And if this is what it takes to be “pro-gun” in today’s gun culture, I’m going buy a photographer’s vest and some white New Balance sneakers and embrace the Fudd, because I won’t be party to that.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I’m not “that” pro gun and I’m fine with it”
  1. i wonder how many “libertarians “ are actually liberals in real life. people claiming to be “pro” something and saying utter crap usually turn out to be anti Freedom control freaks….

    1. I’ve wondered that a bit more recently. I don’t know if I have drifted to the right, if the LP drifted to the left, or if I was never really a libertarian/Libertarian, but it certainly seems that libertarians/libertarianism has drifted left. This go round with the presidential candidate getting in line with the whole “gender affirming care for minors”, one of his old social media posts where he “disavowed” Ron Paul, and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s been working it’s way out . . . it feels & looks like there’s a left turn being taken in the libertarian circles.
      I think quite a few of my friends who were Libertarian/libertarian have abandoned the LP and have either stayed put or drifted farther right. As one meme I saw a couple years ago said, “These [censored] have shoved me so far up the right side of the political spectrum that I’d throw Pinochet out of a helicopter for being a commie,” and that would definitely align with some former LP friends of mine.

  2. I’m pro-gun rights and anti-felon. If you’ve shown you can’t control yourself to the point you’re harming people, I have no problem seeing your rights limited.

  3. Hunter Biden’s case was not a pure 2A one. He was tried and convicted of lying on a Federally mandated form to conduct a background check to purchase. That’s perjury. Then he sort of bragged about it.

  4. I think you are overlooking something. Felons who are released and then rearrested usually have not “Finished their sentence”. Probation and parole are parts of the sentence. The vast majority of these reoffenders have not finished a complete 10-30 year sentence. They simply can’t stay out of jail/prison long enough. Also you never finish a life sentence which most of the crimes you mention should have anyway. So yes, truly violent felons should have to wait a significant amount of time to get their rights restored if ever, but that need to be considered in the length of the sentence.

  5. I’ve often said that a person who can’t be trusted with a gun, can’t be trusted without a custodian.

    This can and should mean that anyone we let out of prison should have all their rights restored.

    But the converse to that is also that if we aren’t comfortable with letting someone out of prison and letting them have a gun (or a rock, a stick, a gallon of gas and a lighter, or a semi-guided kinetic energy missile (a car)) then we probably should not be letting them out of prison in the first place.

    This person’s argument sounds like a half thought out version of that, missing the crucial part where you don’t let out of prison said people.

  6. here when they introduced the “independent” political party after a short time they lumped it in with the “green” party…. “ oh, so you are an independent/green party”…. nope, not anymore.. republican… fukkin tree huggin sandle wearing prius driving morons- plant trees so later we can cut them down and plant fukkin solar panels…

  7. People who can’t be trusted with guns can’t be trusted to walk freely through society. It’s not the gun. Never was. It’s the person.

  8. One problem with the absolutist position (or the abbreviated position, perhaps) is that it doesn’t distinguish between violent felons vs. non-violent ones vs. those guilty only of victimless offenses. It seems reasonable to deny guns to murderers, of course assuming you’re foolish enough to let them out of prison (or allow them to keep breathing) in the first place. But deny guns to tax dodgers?

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