Reader Roger G. just dropped this one in my mailbox.

The Miami Herald is now begging for handouts in order to keep their special brand of “journalism” alive. The move comes as no surprise, it’s long been known the paper’s local community has lost interest in what the Herald has to say, and it’s advertisers have lost confidence in the newspaper’s ability to influence readers.

Newspapers like the Herald have been in financial trouble for years. Though advertisers have been pulling the plug for a while, the panicked, coronavirus-caused economic slowdown has exacerbated the problem to the point they have now resorted to begging for cash from local residents to help support the Coronavirus Local News Fund.

The Miami Herald has turned to begging to support their biased reporting and fear-mongering

I had to check the individual donations to find out when did the begging fund raising began: 3 days ago. And at time of posting, they had “showered” with close to $14,000 or about $5K a day.

Your tax-deductible gift can ensure we continue to report on the coronavirus and all of its impacts across our diverse communities. We aim to raise $350,000 to keep our reporters digging for information on your behalf, our visual journalists capturing the images and our editors fine-tuning the work to deliver essential news and information to you.

I have no idea about donations, but I thought the Herald was a for-profit corporation (I know, they suck at it) and as such they shouldn’t be able to get tax-deductible “gifts.” If a reader knows the details on how is that done, please share in the comments. It will be much appreciated.

Anyway, to the Miami Herald reporters and editors, I am sure some out-of-town rich individual will buy you devotion donate enough so you can continue to be a propaganda tool for the left the top newspaper in Miami Dade county (coughBloomycough.) But in case that does not happy, I leave you with this:


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  1. Tax deductible gift? You’re right, that doesn’t sound right. If anything, the opposite is wrong; donations would be subject to gift tax.

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