On Simpleton High-Falutin Morons.

If there is something that chemically roasts my loins are the simplistic buffoons that try to sabotage an effort because they might not like something associated with it. These killjoys assume a higher moral ground and have no qualms on pissing on everybody’s efforts no matter how noble just because they might disagree on a 1% item. And I swear I must be getting old and grouchy because I feel like I want to slap them into their first set of dentures.

With the incoming taking of power of The Great and Powerful Ozbama, many of us are trying to drum up membership into the NRA. Let’s face it, the NRA is still the biggest dog in Capitol Hill regarding the defense of the Second Amendment but we must make its bark even louder in the days ahead. In one of the online forums I attend, we are trying to get people to join if they have not done so and, of course, a High-Falutin Moron must butt in to screw the pooch:

I dispise the nra for some of their past practices of selling our rights down the river. Our choices are near non-existent, but they will not be getting anything further from me. I had a lifetime membership but had it cancelled.

OK, no biggie. But when asked what are the supposed misdeeds by the NRA, I get the following response:

I do not have the links in my favorites to provide to you about the nra’s tramplings, but they are many, and a google away for you to find if you like. It is just further proof of my earlier post where people do not care enough to get involved to the point where they can even google information about the deception of an organization that is supposed to be on our side.

Wait a damn minute! You “dispise” the NRA so much but you are not able to recollect one single solitary incident to share? What kind of low grade, diaper-wearing, drool spreader ignoramus feels free to badmouth and accuse the NRA but yet cannot recall one item they have done and then shifts his burden of proof on you?

Gun owners like this we do not need. They are not only selfish traitors but they will be used by the opposition as poster child to demonize us and rob us of our liberties. Then again they might be flunkies for the Anti Rights Liberals. In any case, they must be fought.